light weekend action

Not much under the sun of Krig 7B apart from some dawnies praying and some marines shooting empty cans So lets skip directly to the report.


gc705_2x1GC did some weird things and in the process it switched back to 640×400 which is too uncomfortable to play. luckily for us, Sarvik committed suicide at the very beginning. After that Carter and Inter didn’t manage to fully coordinate the attack and we were happy to slowly gave ground away while retreating.

gc709_2x1First time map means confusion. Always. And in the middle of that confusion, after a very tight and close game, Compuguy stole from us a win almost in the pocket…

gc710_2x1Time for an assault or should I say “an excuse to get buried in arty shells. No win situation, Judgement day. Call it whatever you like… Base assault maps make me miss Echo, though.


gc711_2x1Close game all the time. Alternating score leads in a very good revision of this map. Crinckles minefield had to wait like a crop until the very end to give fruits but it surely did.

gc712_2x1Run. Run for it!!! We were on ventrilo but we didn’t actually talk much as it was all we could say. That mixed with venomous drone cursing… Mind… I’ll get your drone and make a flower pot of its remains ò.Ô!

More in few minutes on the ground!!!


2 responses to “light weekend action

  1. I lost it at ‘Make a flower pot of its remains’ XD

    Keep up the crazy games guys! I am playing vicariously through you 🙂

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