small reports make me hungry

Meanwhile Mind has been busy doing all the nice changes to the blog layout I’ve been having very weak GC weekends. I could blame GR latest update but that would be lying.

Here is the very short last weekend’s report

gc698_2x1I came really late on Friday and as rooms were full I had just the chance to play a couple of games though I only have screen of this one. A really weird one indeed. It felt as if Crinkle and me were a couple of noobs playing along two vets that were doing all the job. The fact nobody knew damage was set to tough didn’t help much.

gc700_2x1I was late on Saturday again with a similar picture but this time I got both screens right. This old ridges was quite intense. with small frays all along the map and a quite confusing stronghold by Joxer and Crinckle at the north passage considering they were far behind in the score.

gc703_2x1A nice come back in one of my favourite maps. Mines got us behind and we had no other choice that attack their north base. We slowly got ahead on the score and decided to let them  the joy of attack in our radar range. They did but too shyly and too late. I have to admit that team chat did probably give us the win here.

Well. I hope this weekend gives me more material for the next post. See you on the ground, ladies.


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