Old games released in HD versions

Following the post of yesterday, how would it be to have an HD version of Ground Control? (not just a better resolution)

The debate about modding/remaking/reshaping Ground Control in here and in the GCvets forum has gone for a while. The changing point might have been when last year was released the “balance mod”, which was basically an attempt to remove the gap between the two factions in Ground Control(OND vs CRAY), by making some modifications in the units, like increase/decrease firepower, etc.
The truth is that the release of the balance mod introduced something new in our community but it didn’t last the time necessary to establish itself due to the fact that it didn’t have the consensus of all people. Also truth is that there was a positive experience gained in terms of knowing how to modifying the game.

Anyhow, in real terms the main issues of Ground Control are:
– Fixing the “Multiplayer” option and reactivate the old lobby, thus avoiding the use of parallel programs like Gameranger;
– Allow more players in one match to not cause situations where 8 people play and 2 or 3 stay out of the match;
– Introduce a spectator, recording and broadcasting system (features present in World in Conflict);
– Improve and optimize graphics, textures and compatibility with new hardware and new operating systems;
– Etc, etc, etc, etc…

To see these “issues” fixed would allow us, as a gaming community, to progress. A “facelift” to the old GC look would certainly appeal to more players. Given this and following the example of other games releasing HD versions like: Age of Empires, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Homeworld and  many others, could this be the future of a revived GC?

7 responses to “Old games released in HD versions

  1. Getting hold of the source code would be a priority task if we are ever to realise any of those things you mentioned. It would be great to obtain it as we can take this game to newer heights, and appeal to a wider audience. We will have to wait and see.

  2. Yah. Basically, you’re looking at the End of Ground Control, if we can’t fix it. It’s not plausible to see a time when the game just won’t run on most home systems.

    People have heard my opinion on this. I believe that if we could fix those issues – moving GC to a pier-to-pier environment (basically taking in the functionality of GR, minus the issues of GR) – we have the basis of a MAJORLY revived Ground Control.

    I don’t think we should wait on this. I think that if Rebellion saw a modded version of GC that worked like that, they would fall over themselves to try to do a deal with us. (They’d be fools not to: their game would now start to generate income for them.)

    I’m gonna do my best to promote GC through my Youtube channel The Sand Table. I’ll be drawing in viewers from bigger games, namely Counter-Strike (as I have a vintage CS doc that has never been released on the internet).

    I think this is like an assault in Ground Control. When you’re on a team, when one player does an assault, it’s best to go in with him. If you wait, that guy gets eaten alive, and then you’re down a player, and the other team turns on you. Better to go in, with your ally. I’d say we have a good shot at success doing an all-out assault to make GC into a mainstream game.

  3. Nah. I don’t think the graphics inside GC should be a main issue to deal with. For me GC is not about the graphics and it’s never been. In fact as Ninja knows I still play in 800×600. Main targets would be the net code which has always been the GC weakest part, The implementation of voice chat and some tweaks for the map view and team communication. A OS compatibility would probably be interesting to keep it compatible with new OS but apart from that I would not touch much and if that’s strictly necessary I think it should be done with a lot of care.

  4. Hello Guys,
    I will be a greate idea to enhance the game, but due to the fact we don’t ahev access to the souce code, and there is a lot of job to do, it could be very difficult or impossible.
    However we can try remaking the game using UDK, as it is free for non commercial use.
    ANyway see you soon on the battlefield guys 😉

  5. N3ST…. Are you fucking kidding me? There is no way you’ll be able to remake the gameplay of GC with UDK. I know this shit. I was on a mod team … Tactical Assault… that worked inside the Unreal Engine.

    It’s a different engine. The nuances of unit movement and timing and so on, could NEVER be re-engineered in UDK. The ONLY thing that can help us is access to the source code.

    Thing is, we have leverage here. Even if we have to start talking to Rebellion to get it. We’re sitting on a great idea here.

  6. Besides, even if yiou could remake it in UDK, Rebellion would still own it.! It’s Ground Control. Crayven, Order, etc… All properties owned by Rebellion.

    We have to talk to them.

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