In other news…

As you might have noticed THQ recently got into insolvency, meaning that the rights for the games that are owned by THQ are now being gradually auctioned to the highest bidder.
One of the tittles that has recently “changed hands” was Homeworld, one of my favorite games in every way, for its storyline, soundtrack, graphics, game-play… Along with Ground Control, Homeworld is definitely one of the best RTS games.

Gearbox Software, a studio based in Texas and known for some tittles like Half-Life: Opposing force, Counter-Strike:CZ, etc, was the lucky one to acquire Homeworld series, and apparently there are good news for the fans because at least they are in process of remaking the games with better graphics, basically an HD version of them.(Details here)

The curious thing here is that Gearbox is known for participation mostly in shooter games and not strategy games like Homeworld, perhaps not the best fate to give to such nice game, for now an HD version is what players can count on. what is next?

One response to “In other news…

  1. HW graphically was already great looking, will improving the visuals actually bring anything new to the game? They should just make HW3 instead of just tweaking the graphics IMHO. The whole gameplay etc with HW was just right IMHO, I still have the original game and it still looks great!

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