long fun nights

Again, first things first. Ninja Prime has released a second patch for his Desert map pack In order to install it download it from here, delete the previous patch and install the new one but keep the original desert pack sdf… Ninja, I think you should keep the file names of the successive versions constant to simplify things and release new versions instead of patchs. For example “Ninja_Desert_Map_Pack.sdf” for all the desert releases or “Ninja_DM_Map_Pack.sdf” for the Dead match ones. It would be really helpful.

Now, The report.


gc586_2x1Friday started slow trying two inf and support maps from that new desert pack. In words of the other team DZ are a bit unbalanced as one drops on the flat top of a tower and us landed in the open with no real compensation. Moreover DZ were again too small and the landing needed to be done by turns. Don’t know you guys but I prefer broad DZs without that kind of problem.

gc587_2x1This seemed a bit more balanced though being a 2vs3 I could not tell. It was painful but fun anyway. It needs more testing.

gc592_2x1Cavalry came and we had at last a proper 4vs4 air included which more than a problem itself  became one due to increase of lag and sliding units. Amazing performance by Sarvik. You can see the game here!

gc597_2x1An old one for a change. Quite solid and constant battle front centred in the southern of the central hills except from a couple of South flanks we happen to win. Ventrilo rules.

gc599_2x1I’m starting to like this map. Its like a big doughnut around a high mountain which commonly leads to a two alternating fronts at both sides of a battle for the hill in a very intense game.


gc603_2x1The main flaw of this great map is the random DZs meaning you may be doomed before landing depending on your DZ. The were the ones with bad luck this time and the ones who had to suffer an arty rain while trying to scape a blocked rat trap… I almost felt sorry for them.

gc609_2x1I love open maps with room enough to maneuver and this is one of those… It has 2 DZ for each team and this time they attacked the wrong one what leaded them to get lost in the centre of the map split in two at the beginning and then surrounded by a horde of angry units.

gc614_2x1Air presence is growing lately which is not that bad in few amounts in big open maps but it surely lags a lot. It also make games’ beginnings more calm and fearful. This one was really balanced and close. It also was the first time I notice it has neutrals o.O?

gc619_2x1A dreadful performance by me in this one. Bad to the point it where the points I was giving away the reason my team, playing great, lost in the end and that pissed me off. Not losing but being a burden fro my team.

gc622_2x1So I demanded revenge and I got it. Probably with a lot of luck but it felt really good. It didn’t feel the same for reaper who hd really bad luck instead and left soon. They basically got the north Hills first and the South after a while but got smashed trying to get out of them to hunt us due to mines, nice coordination and lucky beam’s specials… Damn I want more :O)

See you on the ground!!!


2 responses to “long fun nights

  1. _nOx_
    Point taken about the patches and naming convention, I was trying to keep it simple. But what I will do is release a Desert map pack with all the fixes in it and some newer maps too, so you will only have one desert map sdf file to worry about. And I thought I was been smart :p

  2. Thanks a lot :0)
    I think it has nothing to do with being smart or not and more to do with what happens when a programmer designs an interface and ends up naming menu options like this “deactivate the auto activator of the option blocker” which for him has a lot of meaning but for the rest of us is more like a riddle

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