micro report

Last weekend I was able to be online just on Friday and although the ventrilo chat was really active and fun it seems we played less than we talked and far less than I thought we had partly because some errors the new Ninja desert map-pack was giving me as the result, as it seems, of my old school 800×600 resolution which I prefer by far to any other one. The patch that solves all that is here. I’m not sure if you need both files (the desert pack and the patch) but be sure you have both just in case


gc578_2x1This time we were less lost in the map and both teams were able to set up a nice position around the central hill which I suppose would be the back of the frog. I spent the whole game running up and down giving helps at both fronts while Ghat took care of that central rock. It worked quite well but just around 1 minute before the end I lost all control and had to pick everything and run away in a ball ran out of any spec or even shields. Good for us it didn’t last more.

gc584_2x1My first time in this kind of escorting map. Quite interesting and different to the usual DM. It somehow reminded me a game of rugby.

Well. See you on the ground!


3 responses to “micro report

  1. Just a quick reminder that this is a patch and should be installed with the Desert map pack. This was necessary to fix issues with players playing GC with 800×600 screen resolution. If you have any questions please contact me.

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