map testes, I mean, testing

Although the last version of Ninja’s maps has been released for almost a month, this was the first weekend we could say it was completely dedicated to test them along some new nice desert ones with some errors and crashes. Still nobody has been able to play Volcanic online… :O/


gc554_2x1Lack of ambition. That was our problem in this game. When playing 3vs4 you can leave them time to breath not to mention running away and Brazen has a lot of space to run away.

gc558_2x1I was in the game. I remember the game but after Ghat’s work with his jags you could consider we were 1 down and that was me. Around 3 mins after the start I had just the APC, 1 squad of meds with an ams and the infantry… the perfect combination to, well, beg for the game to end fast.

gc564_2x1A mess. A completely confusing mess. We landed just too close and got trapped in a corner. Just the last thing you would want in a 3vs4. We did all we could with our backs against the unfamiliar walls without time enough to organize a proper defence but they were just everywhere.

gc565_2x1GC seemed to want to mock us setting our DZ close together game after game but at least this time we knew the field and with that in mind we played all the west border from South to North and back again trapped by a long line of mines and units.


gc567_2x1Tons of mines, Stat was right. We were just covered in them and they had quite a full more for the end of the game. We got score and being all our perimeter completely mined we had no other option than stay and try to defend but by error our only two radars were too close and they slowly recovered the points and the lead which forced us to become a marching caravan of fireworks. Poor Stat.

gc569_2x1A lovely map. One of the new desert pack. Again tons of mines all over the place. We managed to get lead and Meanwhile Joxer got so excited with a narrow path without them that without a second though went alone like through a funnel with some nice result at the beginning but as the dwarf in Moria he dwelt too deep and was too far away when they decided to flank the minefield and focus on our side.
Here’s the video of the match by Ninja

gc573_2x1An example of bad luck. One of those landings that leave you almost without any option with a nasty feeling of frustration. Only this time it was them who had the bad luck and us the ones who took advantage of it ^,.,^

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground!


2 responses to “map testes, I mean, testing

  1. Thanks to everyone who helped playtest those maps, as a level designer it gives me great pleasure to know that people actually play them and enjoy doing so. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and it helps me to tweak them even further. Once again thanks and it was certainly a great night of games!!!

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