infantry, trees and comebacks


gc538_2x1I wanted to poke Carter a bit so we tried the new version of CQB just inf and 1 support squad. I thought everyone would pick arty but Sarvik proved the rockets to be worth the slot. No matter what Carter says about visibility there. It was a great game though probably not the best option to video tape :OP

gc540_2x1A great game by my team A horrible game by me. One of those when you feel like a noob trying to do silly things. Tons of arty made it rain but maybe their lack of rockets allowed us to defend a radarless DZ1. Otherwise I doubt we were able to make a stand.

gc543_2x1Fire was back and that means base assault maps. This was the last one. One the previous we messed it up unbalancing teams. That friend fire off is really dull.


gc550_2x1I’ll put this one even I was too slow taking the screen cause it was an intense match. They got score from the very beginning and their air was cutting any attack we tried. Crinckle went alone to the South too far to give us antiair support so I decided to go all around and hit their back from Crinckle’s position while Carter stayed making them think we were going to keep attacking from the same side. It worked. Very slowly but we started to catch up and finally sweep them out from the map.

gc551_2x1Too fast, too suicidal initial attack left them deep down in the score and almost without any option even before we managed to set up a radar.


gc552_2x1Phantom is back. A bit rusty as you would expect but back. We almost got this one… almost. At the end logic won and the team that should have won, did it… Say whatever you want but I miss DM1 a bit.

gc553_2x1They made pudding out of us… Ghat did. He with Cray on his map always means a lot of pain. We tried to break out but it didn’t work and ended smashed against the corner by a horde of psychopaths.

See you on the ground!


One response to “infantry, trees and comebacks

  1. LOL just realised that those games were played last week-end and not this week-end. I agree with you that CQB is not the best map for video, but at least its up there now 😉
    Great game by the way, it was great to hear all the comments thou!

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