small girls and modding moods

It was a quiet weekend but far more active than what it seems from the only three usable screenshots I was able to take. Mostly because Stat is developing the habit of leaving the games early when his team is losing.

But first things first: There is a thread open at the forum about ideas to modify Cray units. I encourage you all to go there, read it and collaborate with your opinions.

Now, the brief report:

gc508_2x1It seemed to go all fine. We got score, their mines were out, we have a strong position… but it all went wrong and we found ourselves forced to attack a very strong and well defended fortress with not the narrowest path free to enter.

gc516_2x1We are still learning this map but that not excuse. Our coordination and helps were dreadful and so was our last desperate attack. Again. A very solid and broad defence

gc526_2x1It was the first time we played this map. we were pretty disoriented and the fact that units weren’t able to go all along the border ridge was a shock that probably costed us the game. Quite interesting map, though.

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground!


2 responses to “small girls and modding moods

  1. Whoa hey whoa! I thought everyone leaves asap! I only stay late to talk shit, and I usually only talk shit when I win 😉

    Haha sorry, will stay around longer.
    -Good games!

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