there’s always a reason for a revenge

… and the absence of a reason is a reason itself.

First things first:

Remember to install the new version of ninja’s maps AND delete the previous files.

Done? \GC\data\maps\ ? Sure? Both things? Even the file deletion? Ok. It was a  nice weekend with people demanding a rematch after almost every game. Teams were balanced but instead of a row of very tight victories we took turns smashing the other team.


gc485_2x1A nice complex map to start the night. They got the good DZ we got the no-so-bad one but some nice early mines and the happy founding of stat’s apc by my drone got us some advantage to play with. They almost did a come back nearly the very end but we manage to hold still.

gc487_2x1Very confusing one with one of those war fronts that seem more like two tribes throwing stones to each other than a proper battle. Very balanced even in the chaos.

gc489_2x1Here we… and then them… err… We just messed up while singing in the artillery rain from 3 and 1 what, as you all know, is very bad for your health and can make you catch a flu. A very bad one indeed.

gc492_2x1Here we have our Kieran back :O) We tried attacking along the very south border but we didn’t manage to open a breach and get score. We just banged our heads again and again against a really good and solid defence.

gc498_2x1We should have won. Why? No idea but it would have been nice ^,.,^ we pressed very clumsily from the very beginning and yes, we did advance a lot but the same as Napoleon in Russia, we ran out of units and they hadn’t lost enough.


gc500_2x1It worked, don’t know what or how but everything seemed to work beautifully fine. Not many loses and them playing as a bunch of scared bunnies… and then

gc501_2x1It seemed we enjoyed so much the sight of that game play that we decided to play exactly like that and they, on the contrary, decided to play fucking well… reveeeeeeeeeeeeenge!!!!

gc502_2x1A looong quiet beginning with everybody setting mines while trying to figure out how to play this new fear. Then we started to win terrain thanks to a miraculously lucky arty getting mad everyone in both teams :OP

gc504_2x1Reaper is the one missing from the screen. It was the first time we managed to have everyone with the same version installed and the previous deleted. The match was weird and clumsy at least from my point of view remembering a bit to a WWI trench battle.

Well. I’ll avenge your affronts in few minutes on the ground! ò,.ó


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