Tunngle nightmares

or the worst GC weekend in two years…

When I arrived on Friday to Game Ranger people were already trying tunngle with droppin games. Some time later we switched to GR and had some games. But Saturday was… unreal. 1 game in three hours of going from tunngle to Game Ranger and back again with crashes here after crashes there while talking about frame rates, configurations and HD… ó.ò
If people vote to migrate to tunngle I’ll have no other option but meet you there but in my opinion the program is horrible, it depends on another chat to coordinate the joining as it does no get you into automatically and it hasn’t shown a lower crash or connection problem rate to the moment.

If you want to follow and participate in the discussion (and I sincerely would want to encourage you to do so) please join this forum thread.
Now, the report.


gc440_2x1It started with a nice crowded Orion. It seemed to go smoothly for us at the beginning but as the time went on their armies seemed to grow in strength and actually breed to the point we had an agonising end with clenched APCs trying to not to be blown up.

gc442_2x1We actually played this one twice that night but I only have screen of this one. I still don’t get where it get its popularity from. It’s uncomfortable and extremely hilly. I don’t know it much but it seems kin to be played in two fronts with jags as the strongest unit and difficult to effectively use artillery.

gc446_2x1Not really a good choice for a 3vs4 in my opinion. It’s neither flat enough to let you run, nor hilly enough to give you shelter. We just kept pushing until they ran out of air and space.


gc448_2x1The only game I was able to play on Saturday in three hours. It was pretty intense, though. They got a bit too spread and we managed to get advantage of that punishing the weak central point. A very good team work from our side. Take a bow , guys.

See you next Friday.


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