NEW version of Ninja’s maps!!!

After we tested and found some bugs in the maps Ninja Prime has released a new version of both map packs. Thanks a lot man! :O)


Co-Op and Base maps

Please download and install them before this Friday so we can minimize different version issues and test them properly. You can also let a line to thank him for his work here


One response to “NEW version of Ninja’s maps!!!

  1. Fellow Vets, I will be concentrating on the SP, Co-op and Campaign side of the game now, so this will be the final release of these maps, I know I have said this before and ended up releasing so many different versions that it got really confusing, but for me to concentrate on the aspect of GC that I am passionate about I will not be releasing any more updates, anyway it can take a very long time to correct one fault or tweak a bit of it.
    I am sorry if some of these maps are not what you expected, but I will be releasing the tutorial on GenEd soon, so you can make your own maps to your hearts content.
    See you on the ground!!!!

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