I could just be online last Friday so I have very few screens to share with you but nice ones anyway. It was a lovely night with really balanced teams and scores.


Me: “I hate you”

Crinckle: “No more than I hate you”

Isn’t that lovely?

Two weeks ago I made in this very same map one of those moves that taught me to admire Maxi’s gameplay. 1 squad of meds zigzagging as if they were a basketball base dribbling all opponents to reach the enemy’s arty which was punishing us. It was Crinckle’s arty. Last week it was him who paid me back with a very similar move in almost the same place sweeping out mine. It was more like an american football one but very effective indeed. The result was the conversation above through Ventrilo… I loved it. Also notice the come back of a nice old vet. Nice to see you again DKutter.


I miserably lost DZ1 at the very beginning cause my ams reached too late which left us no other option than hammering desperately DZ6 trying to open a breach through there to the enemy base. It was an intense fight and finally we made it. Thanks to an amazing tandem by Crinckle and Darix we got a comeback I thought impossible during most part of the game. Good job guys!

gc436_2x1Sometimes a split front works great as it did in this case. Sometimes it’s a horrible idea that leads to nothing. Sometimes an arty gives you more than half of the victory. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a useless burden… I honestly never know what’s better in this map.

gc439_2x1They were winning. They kept winning and then everything turned chaotic. Carter and Reaper started to push through the east side, left the west border unprotected and got caught in a kind of an amoeba movement whilst Crinkle lost contact with them and got his army all messed up… I didn’t even know if we were winning or completely lost until I noticed there were no green or orange dots left on the minimap.

Aaaaaaand…. that’s all for today. More in few hours on the ground!


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