weird experiments

Like a crowded ffa or Tungle itself. I proved it last Saturday trying to play with a new guy, Shpooky, and not only I hated the damn thing but also it didn’t work at all so I hope Game Ranger doesn’t stop working. Otherwise I’m screwed.


gc403_2x1First weird thing: Joxer got surprised at the beginning of the game and stood on the biggest danger of his one-dropship-at-a-time  tactic: If you lose all your units before the second dropship lands, you lose it too. We were lucky he did so cause otherwise I doubt we could have won that.

gc405_2x1Chaotic mess is a good name for this one. At least from our point of view. We just got beaten from sides as if we were in a boat in the middle of a storm… I think I even got dizzy.

gc407The weirdest of the weird DMs (almost as we weren’t 8) but very fun. Stat worked out his deceiving traitor ways that costed him an immediate punishment and Crinckle got his chance of playing mind minefield games with BD to decide the game… while everybody else waited in GR for them to end.

gc409_2x1 BD got his rolling barrel on and with Crinckle shooting down the running survivors they just smashed us. Then came Fire and cleaned the party field. A painful fast death.


gc411_2x1While Stat was getting sure nobody could use the north highlands, Reaper tasted our minefields and Joxer got caught in a pince by Crinckle and me as he tried to flank us from west south. After that we defended for a bit and then attack all together through a single point in what Stat called “the Joxer movement” He kept doing this all night which I found really cool.

gc417_2x1Joxer and Inter got very bad luck just at the beginning with my arty and mines which costed them all the south of the map. They gathered then in a kind of fort and we just had to patiently siege it.

gc423_2x1A shame of a game. 4vs4 (N3st is missing in the screen). We had the best DZ. They had the worst one… and we miserably lost. I blame some sort of black magic, cheating enchantment or a singularity in the space time for that. Either one of those or we played quite bad but that’s impossible so it has to have some supernatural origin.

gc424_2x1“Ok, great but… where is BD”
Then a crowd of light blue dots started to joyfully come to us from our back. Luckily for us it took him to long to go all around and by when he was starting his attack we had cleared most of his 3 mate’s forces. The we just had to dance a bit with his caravan and slowly squeeze it against the border.

gc426_2x1All way down from the beginning. Ghat and I usually play quite well together but this night we were both a bit sleepy or maybe it was just me but  we surely played worst than usual.

gc428_2x1The greatest military achievement any army has ever reached until the moment in the noble art of cleaning mines. Due to the astonishing efforts of the generals, seven packs out of eight were successfully found and detonated using for that their brave competent suicidal forces. An unforgettable success we shall forever honour… ¬.¬

And now, for something completely different… See you on the ground, guys.


4 responses to “weird experiments

  1. Sorry that I wan’t there this weekend I was reformating my computer the issue with GC drove me mad, hope to be there next weekend 🙂
    Have a nice week guys 😉

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