eat that sandy rockets you nice person to happens to be trying to kill me again and again

As it has been usual lately it was a long fun weekend but with few usable screens.


gc388_2x1Crays on desert to start the night sounds weird enough to promise a fun beginning and it surely was. After a very close landing and some early presents swapping we lost the radar that let us have some score advantage. We fought hard to maintain and increase it while Carter went alone to fund the distant lonely yellow north kingdom who almost nobody paid a visit until the end of the game when the remains of our armies called for some shelter under his rockets.

gc391_2x1I suppose it was the sad loneliness of Carter’s fort in the previous game what made me feel the obligation of paying Sarvik’s fort a couple of backdoor visits here. In the first one I had a cup of tea with his arty and in the second one his rockets and APC were very kind of playing some late night cards with three of my beams. What a savage party it was… Though I secretly think he didn’t really like the two visits and he was just being polite.

Meanwhile Fire and Joxer fought their way through our north lines but they ended too weak to be able to recover the lead.

gc394_2x1Here they did recover the lead thanks to a constant pressure and an unfortunate late radar placement which costed us that radar, the infantry, the APC and the game leaving us transmuted in a bunch of scared rabbits cornered by a band of psychopaths (which’s said with all our love, of course)


gc396_2x1Sarvik and Darix seem to apparently have the same taste for hills as you could deduce from their initial fight in this match. We had plenty of them but they wanted that particular one… It maybe was the views. After that we decided to have a trip to their rear and ended pursuing them along the canyons of the map. A very weird map in my opinion. I don’t exactly love it.

gc397_2x1Joxer gave me the present of putting me in the big team in a 4vs3 and I enjoyed it a lot. They were very active from the very start of the match but maybe too spread. With Joxer running to the north highlands, Sarvik protecting the crater and Ghat fighting the left side of the map. That made thing a bit easier for us to concentrate fire in different points breaking their lines.

gc400_2x1It was a 3vs4 but I can’t remember who was the fourth in their team. It was a very enjoyable one no t only because the match itself but because hearing Ghat and Crinckle crossing  jokes in ventrilo would cheer anyone up. We basically managed to set a small starting defence in the southern central hill but retreated after some time to the bottom right corner where we stood up to their a bit uncoordinated attacks from north and west.

More on the ground in few minutes guys. See you!


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