“slightly disappointed ” quits

Those and me arriving late are leaving me with no usable screenshots at all. The most clear example was Friday from two weeks ago where after more than 4 hours of games I had just 1 pic where all the players stayed until the end of game. Apart from that I think I should give a huge feedback report to Ninja Prime about some bugs in the maps. From DZs than can hold just 1 DS to maps we ever weren’t able to play because no start button was available or maps where that button is sometimes there and sometimes not… Mysteries of the GC map making.


gc372_2x1We talked about splitting armies and do a two fronts advance but we messed up and I ended aisled in the top left corner while my three team mates were being decimated in the opposite side of the map. By when I arrived to the enemy base there wasn’t much to do.

gc375_2x1A nice DM1 with the map divided by an horizontal front line. North won. Not sure if thanks to gravity acceleration in our favour but we sure did fall on them.

gc378_2x1A really nice map that should become one of the basic ones. Really similar to fear but maybe a bit more complex. One thing I didn’t like is that it has too many spots only reachable by infantry. Apart from that, I loved it.

gc379_2x1One of those times where you should let your coward side talk and listen to it. Well. Maybe mine is quite big, don’t know, but it sure is much bigger than carter’s or stat’s. Point ahead after a messy start they decided to hunt them… and became hunted :O)

gc380_2x1I’ve never played a match here that didn’t fit the pattern “land -> rush -> run -> count what you have left -> decide how and where to commit suicide trying to recover from the hit” So I’ve just leave that as a resume of what it was.


gc382_2x1I didn’t manage to be online until quite late and just had this one which was a bit disappointing as I lost all but 2 med units with no shields in the first 3 mins of the game trying to get out/stop their rush over our crappy DZ. After that I assumed the role of the ghost meds that haunt the field confusing and scaring the living with their presence… or maybe just confuse them trying to wonder what the hell were those those units doing.

Well. More (I hope) in few mins on the ground!


6 responses to ““slightly disappointed ” quits

  1. Most maps that don’t show the start button means that one of the players has the wrong map version. With regards the dz only allowing one ds to land at a time, I could increase the dz area, but for me the fact that you can only land one ds at a time presents a tactical quandary for the players. It’s a personal thing for me, but it you and others want the dz areas increased then I can do that on the next release. I have said it before, I have made most of my maps with the sp map in mind and I guess that I have subconsciously created my mp maps with a sp feel to them.

    • Hey! They are different issues from the ones from different map versions. There are, for example, at least two maps that can’t be played even if all players have the same version and from last weekend we have a nice new issue: One of the assault maps stopped to work even if we were all players that had play it before.
      About the DZ. For example in CQB at least one of the DZ just holds 1 DS. If there are 4 players on a team it means you have to do 8 turns to load everything and meanwhile the other team is just on you. Also on that map. I’ve had units trapped in the south west DZ without option of moving them. It was 1 med that got stuck there while the other 3 moved without problem. Moreover, maybe it would be a good idea to set more inf squads so we can decide if we want to play it with all inf and support, for example, or just as any other map with meds, heavies, whatever. But the most important thing is in fact that “no button” problem.

      • I now have sometime to redo the maps, If you let me know which maps, I will check them, with regards the no button thing, that was always a problem with players having different versions, not really sure why one day you can play it and next its not playable.

        I have made CQB an infantry only map, it was supposed to be that from the start, but I changed it at the very last minute. CQB had issues with vehicular movement as it was only supposed to be infantry only. I hope that the changes I have made have improved the game play and resolved the DZ issue.

  2. I cant remember for sure was it one of Ninja’s maps, but I am sure that on one map one team’s DZ fit 3 DS and one other team’s DZ fit only 1 DS (no idea about other 2 DZs). Generally DZs should always have equal sizes because otherwise it automatically disadvantages one team (some base assault maps may be an exception).

  3. LOL @ ‘slightly disappointed’ quits! Your commenting on the games is stellar. The games are starting to get weirder as we branch out into trying new things, new maps, etc. I agree that more maps need to enter the regular map rotation; DM – Sorrow is surely a good candidate. Man, if only you could capture the total action of these games in short blurbs – the match on sorrow was intense! I had demos and mines covering the rear covering Ghat’s retreat from Crink (many of which I was too distracted to blow on time, leading to extra losses for Ghat), whilst Fire and I were advancing on the front end where you and carter set up camp with arty + rad! Playing Cray against your OND was amazing! It was like a chess game, where we are delicately planning moves (since we are both in each others’ rad range) and constantly vieing for positional advantage, all the while trying to inflict more damage than we take! We ultimately took your position ’cause you had more things called back to heal than we did – and our joint rocket/med/beam rush found your healing units quite tasty 😉

    Crays are surely slow, with terrible aim, enormous hitboxes, etc – but they most definitely can take a ton more pounding than the OND can 😉

    Good weekend, and thanks for the games all!

  4. @Ninja Prime: Thanks a lot man. We owe you a lot for all the work you’ve put in giving us more scenarios where try to kill each other in a friendly almost civilised way :0)

    @Sarvik: Yes. I think you are talking about CQB. I love that map. In my opinion I would just wide the DZs to hold at least 4 DS and add some selectable infantry so we can play it one way or another depending on how we feel that day.

    @Stat: Joxer and I usually refer to GC as “Fast chess on a 3D field with an extra of luck in the mixture” About Cray: From an OND player they are just a pain in the ass. They are a great faction and very hard to play against only that they are too slow for my way of playing.

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