HD for everyone

If you frequent the forums you’d probably know that some useful patch by an unknown craker that allows to play GC in HD mode has been posted by Justinian. In my opinion and as Sarvik say there “real men stick to 4:3”  (I personally hate panoramic screens. They are great to see movies but a shit for work)

Here is the thread and this are mirrors for the files
deposit files

Compuguy has also uploaded a nice DM2 game from 2 weeks ago worth viewing (though probably the members of one of the teams slightly disagree)

Now, the screens.


gc305_2x1Nothing like a 3vs4 to feel like being rolled over by a truck. I think that’s it. They just sit their fat asses on our hill as if we weren’t even there.

gc308_2x1One of those games where even you felt like wining the score was slowly showing you weren’t at all. Trying to fight in two different fronts was our mistake. We just weren’t able to break into and when we did we fount the pretty solid Reaper’s cray defence.

gc312_2x1Time for Ghat’s map it was and as usual, he won. The fact that Reaper’s flank got cought at the very beginning while trying to move out from the DZ helped a lot. Ghat’s rockets too.

gc315_2x1They got a nice fortress in the south west DZ but maybe too passive. Meanwhile we took the southern central hill and all the South. The siege worked out fine.

gc317_2x1A no scouts, air on game to close the night. It was fun. Weird, but fun. BTW I’d vote to limit the number of scouts per players in this kind of map. I think It would make them more enjoyable.


gc322_2x1Stressing one with units coming from everywhere while running out of specials and shield first and then just running for it. A nice coordinated defence job I must say.

gc324_2x1We all thought Inter was helping someone else but after nearly 15 minutes we spot a big green mass camping on the top of a hill without moving or being disturbed at all. Few moments later he disconnected. By then we were already doomed. We fight well but it was too unbalanced to have a chance.

gc328_2x1I have to admit I played this one far more aggressively than I usually do. After a air on DM4 and a wimpy damage, APC vital SQC I was mildly pissed off… luckily for us, it worked. Sarvik was caught by surprise first by the early attack and then I got lucky with DB’s APC at south. Late game was painful but we managed to win while retreating.

It was a nice weekend. More in few moments. See you on the ground, guys.


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