relaxed nights

It was a weird weekend with not specially few people but few simultaneous players which leaded to a long night full of small games, lots of voice chat and just one 4vs4. Moreover, me being a bit sleepy and people leaving before the end of games left me with very few usable screenshots. Here they are.


gc263_2x1Very chaotic game. Stat tried to win it all by himself at the beginning whilst Carter was exploring the beauty of the north passages and Inter was trying to speed up and catch Stat’s rushing units.

gc264_2x1They got us cornered but we broke the siege the only way we could have: running like rabbits. I ended up the game with just one inf unit. It was pretty close.

gc266_2x11 point. 1 miserable point stood between us an what would have been one of those nice come backs I was talking about last week… I blame Ghat’s offensive beams for that…

gc269_2x1A great performance by Reaper. I just had to help him sometimes but most of the time I just had to sit back and watch him deal with they efforts to break our defensive lines.


gc270_2x1A nice match for Sarvik even though he didn’t win. He comes little lately to the meeting and maybe because that some players forget he is one of the best GC players I’ve met. I’m sure Stat won’t forget that for some time :OP

gc276_2x1We got such an advantage at the beginning that we started to lost concentration and that almost costed us the match. By very little in fact.

More action in few minutes on the ground. See you there, lovely psychos.


5 responses to “relaxed nights

  1. You forgot to mention the awesome role my tactical crusaders played in Orion! Clever bastards killed an APC, 5 meds, a beam or two, and led to the destruction of 3 more meds by leading them over mines 😀

    I love Orion – that map is a playground.

    • Damn hell. It’s true. How could I forgot that. It’s curious how every player has its preferences regarding maps. You with Orion, Ghat with warmonger, me with any flat map where I can run for it… :0)

    • Hello there,

      Yes indeed there are some of us who play GC2 but mainly we are GC1 players. As far as we know the GC series is not being developed any further at this time. massive isn’t anylonger the company that holds the rights over GC, and we might hope only from some community members to try and make the sequel a possibility rather than just imagination.

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