never give up, never surrender

or the beauty of a nice come back. They are not common and they are tough to make but when they happen it feels fucking great.


gc240_2x1 Despite my obsession with artying Mart’s units,  we managed to convert their initial attack in a score advantage. After that we just had to defend our nice bunker. Nice mining, Stat.

gc243_2x1I’m about to suggest Ninja Prime to change the name of this map for a more the appropriate “Minefield” cause after everyone has dropped their 8, 12 or more mine packs you simply can’t move even it is one of the biggest maps we have.

gc245_2x1We got separated in two rooms and this was the small one. Fire rushed but Ghat was configured to defend with two meds squads carrying defender guns so the start was ours and more precisely it was Inter’s  rockets what gave us a quite big advantage that I almost blew up messing things a bit at the very end.

gc246_2x1They rushed again though this time more fiercely and bloodthirsty then the first one… it did hurt badly.

gc249_2x1Here was our honour at stake… and we did a really bad start. Inter misunderstood a “they are on top hill” for a “let’s take north hill” and while I was running to take the south one, his rockets started to explode. We lost the two radars and had to run away back in the score… things were pretty bad. I coiled east and west trying to find some units to hit and then found Fire’s beams camping and telling stories around a bonfire… I did the psycho part in the plot. After that they had to attack and we managed to hold that south hill with just scouts as radars. It felt unexpectedly good.

gc252_2x1Oh! this was painful from the begining to the very end. We started losing, we continued losing more and then we just lost with big luminescent capital letters. I think we messed up in all the possible ways you can mess up in a DM7… Oh my! ó.ò

gc254_2x1The night would have been worth it even if I had lost every single game by far just to hear Carter getting so excited in this one every time he was going to catch an APC. Seriously. I owe you a pack of beers just for that. Apart from that. I did not much in this one… I’m fucking bad playing this map.


gc255_2x1A nightmare of a map. So bad, I spent the full game dreaming to have the power of getting whoever had the idea of setting it into a med unit and cover him up with loads of moonburst… It’s hilly, uncomfortable, and with a pathfinding that makes Ridges look like a daisy field… Have I mentioned I hated it?

gc257_2x1The main reason a team loses a match in GC is most commonly uncoordination between players and here we gave a master class about how to do it. With some defending in DZ5 while the others were attacking DZ3 to then switch positions and do exactly the opposite… Thinking about it with some perspective it was almost a big laugh :OP

gc262_2x1Ok. I know. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if they hadn’t attacked when they didn’t need to but this come back is going to be one of those I’ll remember. Being chased by them two with just an APC, 2 med units of different squads and 1 scout dancing back and forth until those 3 points gave me the opportunity to just run for it… Damn. I sometimes regret not taping every single GC game.

Well. That’s all. See you on the ground, guys!


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