art(y) me, baby

With GC comunity in very good shape a some people wondering how to make it bigger We also have a growing trend of early leavers (that and me getting slower taking snapshots… I’m getting old) Nevertheless Past Friday and Saturday were looong and intense.


gc209_2x1Close landings, early runaway drawing an imaginary (and mined) front line dividing the map from side to side. Though Darix flanked fast and did a lot of damage in what I call the dunes of cowards (bottom right… It’s DM1, man I have names for almost every inch of it :O)

gc211_2x1Desperation is not a good counselour. Stat though the game was over afer we lost DZ1 and almost suicided in a rage attack but we slowly pushed and were really close to win. In fact a wasted inf special took the game from our hands. Damn!…

gc214_2x1Here is the first game for Mart in ten years. It’s nice to see the old Atomic Rabitts tag again :O) He and joxer took care of the low field while Stat and me dealt with their try to flank over the left highlands. Our coordination was pretty good and they had few luck to be honest.

gc215_2x1Oh, that beloved shields (though a bit ugly on close up)… Maybe we shouldn’t have put Mart in such a map for the second game and considering we landed top right, he did a nice job. They took centre easily and defended it well. We had little chance here.

gc217_2x1I can’t help feeling sorry for the other team when things go for them as wrong as they were in this one. I can almost taste the frustration :O/ Inter and Fire got smashed really soon and after that we just rolled over like a train over what’s left.

gc220_2x1On the contrary, it feels great when a trap works as it was planned. WE guesses Stat would try some rush and just build a nice big mouth to engulf him. As he usually says: “Tastyyyyy….” :O)

gc221_2x1Oh man I suffer this map. No matter if I win or lose. I always suffer it. They setted a nice base and we didn’t find how to break it. We just got our units crashed against a rockets wall once and again… It did hurt.


gc223_2x1This one wouldn’t have been possible without voice chat… and Fire’s tons of mines. Five squads. There were units blowing everywhere. But even with that it was really hard and for a moment we were almost done.

gc224_2x1I have no idea how we won this. I always have the feeling of being losing here. But it seems we were not that bad and in the end Carter and Darix saved the game.

gc225_2x1This must be how feels to be ironed by one of those machines that flatten the roads’ pavement. OUCH! ó.ò

gc226_2x1We lost radar, ams and some arties against nothing. But we got will power, a couple more of arties and a nice heavy barrier and a drone courtesy of Carter Inc. It’s amazing we breached their stronghold but we did. first their radar, then their rockets and arties. Damn, that was a great game to close the night (at 5 am for me x_x )

Today, more ^,.,^

See you on the ground, guys!


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