last shots and cray deserts

Another very nice weekend no the Krig7B surface. Plenty of people getting us used to have two rooms and ventrilo open. It’s a bit difficult to play and talk in English for me sometimes but it helps a lot.


gc188_2x1Brazen is one of my favourite huge maps. I’m still not sure if it has random or fixed DZs. we’ll find out. As for this one we landed pretty close and we tried to prepare for a fast attack but was stat who did it instead. We spread along the left border and thanks to voice chat managed to block all their pretty good attacks.

gc189_2x1It was probably reaper the one who’s missing on the other team. It was a quite balanced game with battle fronts on both sides slowly getting closer to their base. It’s curious how arty is sometimes great and sometimes useless in this map.

gc190_2x1All Cray desert is sssssssssslllllloooooooowwwww…. but fun. Carter commited a funny suicide at the beginning that gave us a slight advantage (slight considering I suck with crays)

gc193_2x1They hit fast and hard. I messed up with colours (I have to get rid of that assumptions) we managed to recover a bit but then… well. Then we just messed up and lost.

gc195_2x1Oh, Ghat… I hate you sometimes. ¬.¬
They did an early rush and I managed to get ahead in the score not realizing Crinckle was heading far away in the north hinglands. I joined him as soon as possible escaping from that psychos. We had a nice fight at the top left DZ and when we were running for it with 2 points ahead, that evil bastard shot down 3 of my last inf with an special… At least crinckle was able to take their radar down and make us all lose… that yellow bad man…


gc196_2x1BD was obviously peeping like a good voyeur in this one. Otherwise that wouldn’t be the result with those teams. They pushed hard and even did a nice flank through no idea where  reaching our rearguard but we had a good synchronised match and when that happens you have half the game won.

gc197_2x1I wish this map didn’t deppend so much on the DZs or at least they where fixed so we could assign them. It’s really difficult to see a team dropping top left or bottom left winning and bottom right DZ is the equivalent to the central one in DM2. A blessing. Nevertheless I think we did a good job pushing and fighting… it was almost close.

gc199_2x1“Why are they playing like this?”
And in fact, BD’s rockets seemed to have a magnet or something similar cause their squads were raining as it they were wanting to mate. After that, although they were able to kill him, it was reasonably easy to win the game.

gc201_2x1Nice 3vs2. Very intense and very fun. Almost all the action on the right half of the map with us retreating and attacking like if we were all dancing or playing some kind of “you are it” (I hope that’s the correct name in english)

Well. That’s it for the last weekend report.

See you on the ground, guys.


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