two nights, two rooms

Probably the most active weekend since GC’s rebirth. With some nice comebacks as BD who solved his problems with Game Ranger and Subby, who almost solved his with the graphic card. There were both very long and very intense nights with a more fluent and settled voice chat. We although missed Sarvik, Mind and Echo. Where are you, guys? o.O?


gc166_2x1One assault to start the night for me while the other room was already immersed in a battle. Not much to say except in this case it shouldn’t have a time limit as you have reinforcements and the objective should be to destroy the other base.

gc170_2x1Big, flat 3DS maps. I love them. They are huge but we are starting to get oriented and build some nice tactics there. In this one, for example there’s two main places to dig and set bases. Big wide bases in fact. Mines are ok but there’s too much space to mine so you shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 squads top.

gc172_2x1I should remember to nt try to help BD with his flanks. He does not need help at all, plays better alone and I get less distracted. He almost won this one alone as you can see.

gc173_2x1One of my favourite of the new maps. As we landed very close and BD didn’t know the map, we were able to hunt half of Inter’s army down in the very first minutes. After that a calm scouting and mining did the rest. Well. HAving that live battle radio station that is stArtill did help a lot. I love that retransmissions :O)

gc176_2x1They had their revenge in a very similar map. Damn, we ate mines. Well I was lucky but that was like watching ground fireworks.

gc177_2x1“Should I take an arty?”
“Nah. It’s pretty open in the middle”

Well. I should have. They got what at first seemed to be trapped in the north DZ but they managed to make of that DZ a comfy well defended home. We tried to enter by brute force but it didn’t work.

gc178_2x1It was close.Both the landings and the score. Even with a Cray in the game we ran all over the map. Needs to be mentioned that despite the Cray thing, Subby did an amazing match.


gc180_2x1My pc crashed and I forgot to set the resolution back to 800×600. I had forgotten how it was to play like this. It is really annoying. Almost as annoying as the swarm of scouts BD brought to the map. Luckily we got the score very soon and had no need to chase them and explode all over the map.

gc181_2x1Great stand in the southern central hill. We tried though very uncoordinated and we obviously failed. A big mess by our side. A great match by theirs.

gc182_2x1My favourite match of the weekend. One of those games where a genius stroke changes everything. Ghat was the artist this time. That rocket attack over DZ1 was amazing. So amazing he got all the other team so pissed off that they started to attack like mad but too enraged to succeed. Take a bow, man. This game was yours.

gc185_2x1Viking damage is… ridiculous. It’s also fun but the word I think is ridiculous. Everything blows up just staring at it and in fact if you got score, some beams and a radar, the game is yours.

gc187_2x1I still can’t get the essence of this map. It seems too difficult for the defenders and too easy for the attackers. In fact I have still to see a defender win here.

Anyway. See you on the ground in few minutes!


2 responses to “two nights, two rooms

  1. I love your sense of humor 😀

    Oh man, Ghat’s attack was legendary. I was panicking, trying to get anyone and everyone to intercept that lone commando squad of rockets haha. I was in the middle of trying to take the southern DZ (so I was too far away to be useful) and it was everything I could do to sneak a set of beams up there to kill it. Ultimately we were too late 😥

    Great games with you guys!

  2. Base assault maps should be fun.. if I remember the very first time we played A1, the defenders did win, the defenders ended up camping at the Attackers DZ and killing them..
    The whole idea of base assault maps is simple, the attackers have a limited amount of time to capture the base, while the defenders need to defend certain key buildings. This is ideal for 3v2 or 4v3, the defenders have the advantage of base guns etc.
    I think there was another base assault map we played where the attackers only just managed to destroy the last building with 1 sec on the timer….

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