a weird fun night

GC can sometimes serve you the most rare, fun and intense matches after which you don’t really care about losing or wining (well, maybe a litle) Last Friday was one of the best in months. Last Saturday was… well, it really wasn’t almost anything at all except three in a lobby waiting for the fourth to show up.

gc140_2x1The night started for me with one of those rare draws in GC. We were wining, then we were losing and then in the last stressing minute we managed to equal the score and make everyone lose. If it isn’t for us it’s for no one ò.Ô

gc144_2x1Damn I got confused this time. By when I was able to place myself in the map, mines and a good team-work had decimated the other three players’ armies. It’s all I can say about this one.

gc145_2x1Don’t know if the fourth on the other team was Compuguy or reaper. Anyway, they had no chance. We hit first and hard, and by when they dug in the north hill we were quite ahead in the score and bloodthirsty. (Stat always is, btw)

gc147_2x1This should be called “Rattraps” WE were lucky to drop in the middle and close their way out ot the south east hole. Carter was the most damaged and when he managed to get out near two thirds of his army had blown. I almost feel guilty when that happens… almost.

gc161_2x1They fucking smashed us. The view of their armies just before the end was scary. They were almost intact while we were trying to die killing with our last units… That hurt badly…


THE game of the night… stAtrill mad and fast taking DZ6. Fire backing him up. Me making rain hell from the skies and Compu covering their way out  to the middle… That was an intense well voice coordinated amazing game to remember. I almost got Ghat APC at the end but almost wasn’t enough. He escaped and found in his path a present in the for of a helpless Cray APC for his infantry… THAT’S AN ENDING!
Here you can see a video of the match taped by Compu. The camera is a bit shaky and chaotic but the last minutes almost gave me an heart attack.

gc164_2x1This was the only game played on Saturday. At least for me. I guess we wouldn’t had won if stAtrill hadn’t had to leave before the end. Radars are life!

That’s all for today. See you on the ground in some minutes, guys.


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