7 in a row

I should say 8 as that assault map should not count so there were 8 DM matches lost for me in a single night. That’s quality :O)

On other order of things. Some new players on the scene and GR giving problems. It has been constantly updating since W8 was released and has been giving more and more connecting problems. If things keep that way we maybe should try some other option… if there’s one.


gc093_2x1a very active stAtrill and a stoned carter to open the weekend. It was one of those slow and methodical games with short precise strikes.

gc096_2x1This would be a much better map if DZ1 wasn’t that small and held more than 2 DS. W anyway managed to spread out quite fast and surround carter before Reaper was able to help. After that it was a 2vs1.

gc098_2x1We tried hard on this one coiling all along the north border but they did a very good and coordinated job.

gc100_2x1stabbing Ghat APC at the very end of a game is a guilty pleasure. I love it ^,.,^
A nice coordinated game by our team hitting them in DZ1 and 3 at the same time and stopping their attempts to enter through DZ6 and 4 very efficiently.

gc104_2x1No idea who was the third on their team. Probably Carter. They did a very good job fighting a wide and open front, getting score agead and then… run for it!!!

gc112_2x1I tend to get confused when there’s too many active fronts and they successfully manage to build them in this one. I got smashed quite soon. My team mates held not much longer.

gc113_2x1One of those games where you are convinced of be winning and then you realize you were completely wrong. Don’t know where we lost this one.


gc127_2x1Too bold Joxer trying to win in a 2vs3 fashion. We got score but got wasted leaving our new player the duty of stopping those three beasts. HE surely learnt how arty can be used in this map.

gc129_2x1Mines and running weren’t enough to stop them.  First we got cornered, then we got hunted. I swear they’ll pay… someday.

gc130_2x1A close landing, a fast rush over the two new players and then… well. Then it was a slaughter. Darix. Your hands are guilty red ò.Ô

gc131_2x1As we play ninja’s maps feedback keeps growing. Among other things: the west DZ in this map are both wrong. The north one just holds 1 DS and the south one leaves sometimes units in nowhere-land. Units that are not able to move along their squads and stay there stuck. Apart from that: I love this “I cant see a thing” map. Honestly.

gc132_2x1On the contrary I get bored in this kind of maps. We won, yes. But I have no idea why. We just pounded and destroyed many things and then bingo. We won…  I have to say it’s just a personal opinion an people like this map. Just not my cup of tea.

gc136_2x1Kieran had to leave early. Pity. I was very happy with our work in this one and we would have won if I hadn’t suicided that last scout to not make them wait that 2 mins. I loved the match.

See on the ground in few moments!


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