new year’s fireworks

First battles of the year. A lot of fun and a brief visit from BD who’s having weird problems with GR after one of the last updates. I have experienced some too but not as serious as his. Hope he solves them soon. We also had the visit from 610 who is able to join without problems but left without playing because some mistakes and confusion when setting up.
Friday and Saturday were quite intense and Sunday was quite funny. With six players online at the same time but all kinda afraid to be the first to join the room and therefore no game was played :O)


gc037_2x1A really uncomfortable map with a lot of problems to pass a central ridge for both sides. I wouldn’t recomend to play more than a 2vs2 here.

gc042_2x1They decided to flank by west. We decided West was a wonderful place to mine. Joxer ate most of them we got lead and they keep pushing until we reach a quite close end game. Reaper left just at the same time carter finished both the game and my APC with an inf spec.

gc045_2x1A very open DM1 and a “run for your lifes” end I would swear it was a 3vs4 but can’t remember who was the fourth.

gc049_2x1Carter rushed. Joxer stopped my flank. Carter got slaughtered and left assuming we were lost but as if it were a Galaxy Quest episode we never gave up, we never surrendered and pushing slowly but steady we took their fortress in DZ1 and the victory. ò.Ó!

gc053_2x1I love this map. Ok. It’s maybe a slightly bit oversized but works great as a 3DS desert. Inter and me dealed with Carter, Fire and Compuguy in the first part of the game spreaded all along the west border of the map. Then, when we were almost dead, came Ghat with an offensive configured army ready to sweep us out of the map and he would have done if it weren’t for a quite healthy Joxer’s army protecting us.


gc061_2x1It’s a nice map but I have to admit I can’t remember well what happened there.

gc064_2x1When in this map I always have the impression that all the action seems to happen far, far away and when I try to get there it goes further although it is in fact a quite small map.

gc065_2x1We got the centre but weren’t able to stablish a solid post in the middle trench for most of the game the same they weren’t able to stablish a solid one in the north edge of the tableland. If they had flanked it would probably have gone really different.

More in few moments on the ground!


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