last battles of the year

And they weren’t few even despite some coordination problems and some confusion at the moemnt of spliting rooms to make it possible for everyone to play Last weekend nights were really intense. Before anything else: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! and now, the report :O)


gc002_2x1A fast one waiting for the players to join. The map is a bit confusing but the worst is that notrh DZ with room for just 2 DS.

gc006_2x1I though we were winning until I realized there were just two of us left and Ninja’s army was completely sweep out of the map. No idea how that happened. I was too busy dealing with Reaper’s flank. After that… well. We tried really hard but was too much to fight against.

gc010Too uncoordinated attacks. Joxer seemed to be really tired and slow and by the time Carter and I were completely worn out he was still positioning around the DZ. Although he did a quite good job all by himself after that it was by then a 3vs1.

gc012_2x1Slowly and methodically ground and smashed in our own DZ by a very, very well coordinated team attack .

gc015_2x1Our revenge was almost cruel. specially with sarvik whose luck was worse than bad and lost almost everything in the first five minutes of the game… Though we were to angry after last game and no forgiveness of pity was shown.


gc017_2x1An assault map for the delight of Echo, the base fan and Justinian our air evangelist. To be honest most of the time I didn’t know what was happening :OP

gc024_2x1Jungle, trees, low vision, unknown landscape and confusion… That’s a good summary of that battle. and probably of any game played there. Don’t misunderstand me. I like the map but the visibility is horrible and most of the times you have to guess aim when firing.

gc028_2x1Old classic DM7. We play this one so few times that I almost miss its arty battles its passage incursions and the central circus. As a note: When one player takes air by error in an no-air game it’s common to put the air units on hold far away from the battle or to say that at the very beginning so we can make a fast rematch.

gc029_2x1“we should play defensive”

But for that you have to take ahead in the score and I lost almost everything trying that. We got that thanks to an amazing game by Darix dealing with Ghat and Crinckle in the open. Honestly, Take a bow. He lost nearly everything but left things quite easy for Sarvik and Echo to win the game.

gc031_2x1Intense. Really intense. Not a single moment to breath or rest with action all over the map. Them diged in the middle highlands and we running all around trying to hit here and there to slowly win the game.


gc036_2x1They were just a couple of 2vs2 to finish the year but I just have the screen for this. One of the new Ninja’s maps. A very interesting one. We should have lost after reaper took my APC at the beginning. They were too well set and protected so I nearly suicided all my units trying to get my team ahead in the score wishing they wouldn’t be able to hit back. It worked by very very few.

That was all for 2012. See you on the ground!


3 responses to “last battles of the year

  1. CQB is supposed to be a small map and I wanted to have the element of not knowing where the enemy is located. I really intended this map for infantry units only, as running around with tanks can be a bit hit and miss, literally. I was going to make this an infantry only map, but only decided against it at the very last minute. This is my jungle warfare map and was more a novelty map rather than anything too serious, but fun at the same time.

    • Sure. I have some suggestions to a great maps pack (that CQB included) and some suggestions to a nightmare maps pack ^,.,^but it’s going to take a while before we play and test all of them.

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