monsters and air lovers

Hi there.

Slowly, really slowly, people are managing to have last version of Ninja’s maps installed which leaves wide open the door for the unexpected during battles on completely new and unexplored territories. Also more people are using the voice communication through ventrilo though… that does not always work as it was expected. :OP


gc979_2x1As for example in this one where the non voice linked team seemed to coordinate far better than the talkative one. Maybe they were too busy planting an enormous mine field that obliged us to have a nice trip around the map to cheer their back lines.

gc981_2x1There are teams where you can suck all night even in a 3vs4 and feel comfortably safe as for example these two bloodthirsty monsters. The only thing I had to do was not to suck too much in inferiority. They did the rest. Although in this one we got a bit surrounded and then squeezed from all sides.

gc983_2x1At last we managed to play one of the new maps and as it seems Ghat really loved it. Smaller than it seemed to be and more positional too we regretted we hadn’t brought more arties to the party. special mention to Joxer’s epic bad luck dropping his second and third DS right over Ghat exploring division.

gc984_2x1A victory snatched from their fingers by Sarvik in the very last seconds of the game when we were trapped and cornered against the walls of our own DZ.


gc990_2x1We managed to play some games on Saturday but I only have screens of these two. Very balanced ones with fast strategic attacks hitting important targets and stealing few points here and there to get the score in your favour . A short but very intense night.

gc994_2x1and… the air fever. I can’t get the fuss with air or why some players love it but they surely do. Ask Justinian about this game and he will explain you full of excitement all the details of the battle in this weird inverse-ridges alike new map.

Well. That’s all for this week. See you on the ground!


2 responses to “monsters and air lovers

  1. Great to see that the community is finally starting to use the maps I created, hopefully everyone will have downloaded it, I have checked and so far 24 downloads have been registered. The availability of aero’s is optional, but as I mentioned before I have limited the number of squads to try and balance the game, hopefully this has worked.
    Note to self ” remember not to be too eager to rush into battle, as reinforcements are not enabled in a lot of these games :(“

    • slowly but sure we do. I’ll suggest to wait a bit to have enough data (and t ohave everyone with the same version) before updating them and yes. No reinforcements is one of the keys that make GC online games such a great experience.

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