funny accents and late reports

I tried last week that ventrilo thing and to be honest it helps quite a lot. Even though It seemed to makes us all a bit shy it saved a couple of APCs on my side. Here is the forum post about it with the needed config.


gc898_2x1I seriously have to work a bit on this fear-like maps. Too narrow passages for me. We spent too much time and effort trying to shut down Carter’s ams-radar combo and in fact after his arte blew off we neglected it and probably costed us the game after being cornered in the top center DZ. Great rocket-drone combo work by the other team.

gc904_2x1stAtrill also tried to early get out in this one but got caught by the screen. Echo and inter did a nice work controlling the southern central hill while Joxer and I flanked a bit by south cutting them in two separate bases which probably got us the game.

gc907_2x1Nice coordination in our team at attacking the southern hill. To be honest I was too busy running up and down the flat open lands to see what happened in the center but judging by the results we must had don fine :OP

gc912_2x1Close landings in DM1 are always stressing. You don’t know whether to attack or run or both… it ended in a kind of all at the same time thing with a flexible fight line between both teams. It was pretty close indeed and we won by few units.


gc915_2x1Two simultaneous rooms with some small connection problems. A very dynamic game with action all around the map with no clear war fronts and really good team work mostly thanks to ventrilo. Really all around the map. I think the wasn’t any sector we didn’t fight on.

gc920_2x1Although it was a very close landing both teams decided to flew away as fast as they could so no early APC lost or uncontrollable mess. we took the southern hill and most of the south open lands. they went all around and took north but this time the Starks didn’t make it.
UPADTE: the video from compuguy’s point of view

gc926_2x1We got the best DZ we should have secured the central hill easily but we didn’t. Couldn’t explain exactly why but I think that was our big mistake. Really bad coordination in this one with joxer satellized and no clear plan of action. They seriously punished us for that.

gc927_2x1Very close game and very close scores all along it. The last rush over their arty hold was luckily a success. I don’t know who missed my APC just 1 minute before the end but I almost heard him blaming and shouting :OP

gc931_2x1Just after around 5 minutes I had lost almost all my army. I failed to follow Subby and Reaper fast enough to DZ5 and their early rush just got me against the wall… Well I did what I could. After that it was almost a 2vs4 so few they could do but die killing.

See you on the ground!


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