talkative players and silent sundays

Apart from ninja’s new maps revisions there are some news around.

First, some GC players have started using Ventrilo to voice chat during the games. That improves the performance of the team but also makes really complex to balance teams. This is the forum thread.

Second, Ubisoft Massive has mentioned us in their fb page so maybe and hopefully we are going to get some new vets visits to our GC meetings.

So said, the report.

gc867_2x1Talking about unbalanced teams. this was quite a bit as Crinckle has been with us for just two weeks and k03ll had just arrived but I wasn’t hosting. Good job by Darix btw.

gc880_2x1This would have been also unbalanced if they weren’t origianly 4 vs the 3 of us. In fact we won this one by few after a really strong attack and one of those really brave runaways. I think the 4th player was Darix, though not sure.

gc875_2x1Intense constant incoming units to our corner with very less mines than you would expect and a surprising arty firing in DM1. Not a thing you usually see there.


gc885_2x1You know those days when nothing works no matter how many things or how hard you try? Well. that was Saturday for me even we had 12 players in two simultaneous 3vs3 rooms. Things just didn’t want to work.

gc884_2x1I hate this map. No for real. I think it’s very interesting but I haven’t learn to play those narrow passages. Echo at his base on one corner, sTAtril running toward the enemy and me in the middle not knowing at all what to do… bad mix for a cake.

gc886_2x1We shouldn’t have lost this one. We really shouldn’t. You can’t always attack no matter how your armies are and less when you have score and you could afford to wait a bit and fight inside your radar range. Playing defensively is not always the answer but attacking as if you were indestructible is not a good choice.

gc888_2x1I remember this one as messy. We tried to do what didn’t work in the previous and almost did it but bad ideas are bad ideas.

gc890_2x1I went to the other room and found there Sarvik coming back after a long time. It was nice to see him… it was less nice to met his squads. Again the game was a painful hell for me.  That wasn’t my night.

gc893_2x1Last one was at least a bit better. a couple of flanks worked as they were supposed to do. Some mines were well placed and we managed to confuse them enough to wear down their armies before they decided to build a solid frontal attack. It was close.

I joined Sunday and although we were 5 online players at GC for more than one and a half hour we didn’t manage to set a single game. Was weird.


See you on the ground after I grab some coffee.


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