end game shots

A happy fluffy version of Fire, a happy wandering Carter, constant problems with the different ninja’s maps versions and a stupid flu.

Remember to upgrade your maps


Have you seen Indiana Jones’ last movie? Do you remember the scene with giant ants? Well this was almost the same but without rivers or magic skulls. They just were everywhere coming from everywhere. Mental memo: remember to bring some insecticide next time.

It was my fault Echo and Inter don’t appear in this screen. Too slow. There was a nice hot battle in the southern central hill but a bit uncoordinated. Meanwhile Carter decided to go on a trip and pay a visit to the wonderful northern lands and enjoy the views of the war from there. When he finally arrived we just had to play 4vs1 (though with decimated armies, of course)

They pushed all the time by both borders of the canyon and they finally broke through with loads of inf looking for our APCs but Ghat and I have efficient coward APC drivers. Really efficient when they have to fly away from bullets.
“They ran , they ran. The brave fighters ran away”.

When we thought we almost did it we started to realize Subby still had all his army intact and they were spreaded everywhere and there was no way out left.

Those inf specials at the end of the game when you have just 1 left and you dance with some enemy units trying to act as if you where out of them trying to get some nice prey are just great. 5 med in a row in a row are a big, big smile :O)

See you on the ground!


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