old glories and heavy boosters

First things first: As Ninja_Prime has been working, changing versions and adding new maps, in order to make it easy for everyone I’ll try to keep an updated zip with the latest map versions of them so updating is less confusing. Just delete all maps in your data/maps folder and reinstall joxer’s basic pack and this one so we can keep beta-testing them. We also should test if the increasing amount of maps has something to do with the last week connection problems.

Now the proper report:

I doubted if I would join last Friday for some games but the addiction is too strong so I did. I found there two of the very old names: BD, already usual in this new GC era, and Crinckle who happens to be Bloody Hell and also Scratchy. Two names that will ring a bell for some of the old vets.


Colour assumptions sometimes kill me or at least my APC. I was convinced half of the game I was helping Crinckle to stop BD’s flank and Sub was behind guarding our backs when it was exactly the other way. Stat fell on our rear as an anvil and although BD’s army was by then neutralised I lost APC, inf and a beam squad before I could react. It was near but the advantage was luckily enough.

Too close DZs, Stats blind mad early attack getting two APCs down and Subby’s intense mining just won the game. We tried to coil, to divide and attack on two fronts, to hit and run but was too much to fight against.

Stat is the one missing on their team. It was a nice classic DM7 arty battle with the typical DZ1-DZ6 ams+arty fight, a very lucky inf incursion on DZ6 and a perfect demo on DZ3 entrance which won Ghat all my respectful hate.

Intense Tower with a bit of everything. Open fights, inf comando incursions on hills, mines and inf cautiously saving their specs for a perfect aim in the middle of a crossfire hell. Moreover I like the screen.


After a quite nice Mars which everyone left before the end we tried this 2vs3 that could be called “mined tomb” That kind of game that ends with a “bazaaaaaai” final APC charge. Was difficult but nothing compared to the next one.

2 mins after landing we had lost. why so fast? 3 heavy OND squads with boosters firing from one point and being in another (if you’ve faced this you’ll understand me) by then we had score but too few units and too damaged to manage a proper base defence or even run. Well, at least it was fast.

More this night on the ground!


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