unexplored map nightmares

Friday was almost completely a dedicated Ninja_Prime’s maps testing day. It was also an almost constant 2vs3 night with some curious surprises

“Can’t do that, sir” It took me a whole minute to realize all my squads were on “hold position” mode. By when I realized it they already were on us. Fast and chaotic. “Well” I thought “I’ve must pressed something” but next game (sorry I have not a screen for that) one of my beam squads kept thinking it was on holding position even when it was “offensive” selected in the menu. It was necessary to click on “hold position” and back to “offensive” to make it move… just once. Then it went again to “I can’t do that” mode without further explanation… weird. I don’t know if that was some bug in the new maps or if it just happened to me but it was, at least, annoying.

We were doing fine. Subby and me spread along all the south border holding their attacks and managing some incursions in the central flat land and then… boum! everything just blew up… This map has not only a 5 tech level by default but also a APC vital mode… Ninja, you have to change that. Please.

I couldn’t stand more unknown fields in a 2vs3 so I asked for something familiar. That was a relief. They landed bottom left, we landed top left… and we flew away all around to to the east. Joxer almost got there in time to cut us but we break through and made top right DZ our base. It was intense and Joxer beams avoided us to have a scout-running win. I loved it anyway.


A very classic DM4 fought in the right entrance of both central hills with a couple of rage-quittings. Well. I’m not going to patronize anyone but it’s a bit discouraging when your team is losing and everyone just leaves the game without even try to help you spying the enemy moves :O/

Big map. A lot of mines. A great job by Stat and Inter. We almost won it, then almost lost it all the time running back and forth to recharge the few units left until, at last, Reaper’s APC and meds gave us the points needed to score lead. No sure why they didn’t chase my last units. I wouldn’t be able to do much with no shields or APC left.

Unexpected rotund lost. It felt completely otherwise half of the game and then we suddenly were left just too weak to even try to comeback or do any heroic move.

One of those DM5 fouth all over the map. Hills and open spaces. Not much mine work and a lot of movement and helps. It was pretty close and fun.

Well, check Ninja Prime’s new maps here (I recomend to delete previous maps and reinstall them, the joxer’s basic map pack and ninja’s new maps to avoid problems) so we can keep checking them this weekend. You can also follow the thread about them here.

See you on the ground!!


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