ups and downs

Days of full rooms with people waiting to join, days of 3vs4 wars… Let’s check them.


It was in fact a 3vs4 to open the night but rage quitting Joxer left too soon :OP
We ended up buried in mines but score was ours so we could play in our own mine-free south east DZ against their lucky for us alternating waves.

Oh this was good. Nice minefield blocking their attacks from north let us concentrate our efforts on the right front taking down them out almos one by one.

Just the opposite to the previous. Darix got blown off by wiping a minefield with his army in the first 5 mins and I got obsessed about taking out Subby’s top west camp position and lost almost everything there. After that we just got punished.

A game to welcome Echo with a victory. We almost managed to deal with their flanks but got vacated from our defensive positions and hunted down.

A nice map to close the night. One of those ridges games where all the action takes place arround the map with one team holding the centre plain and the other (us) running in circles until their units got sick and literally stayed camping while blowing their own stuff up :OP


Here started a nice row of 3vs4 consecutive revenges. I love them. We dealed fine the first half of the game but the amount of enemy units were just too much in the end. Too open flanks for a really aggressive team play.

Inter missed one game and we had a 3vs3 in my beloved killingfields. Nice pincer by them we managed to evade in the last moment just after Joxer’s crash. Strangely enough they didn’t chase us. No idea why.

Inter came back and the 3vs4 war was resumed… with a revenge. The moment after wiping out Joxer’s army when I realized Subby and Hellfire had just been reduced to a scout and some meds was shocking and worth mentioning. After that I just run as if I were being hunted by devil’s gang. It worked.

Intense 4vs3 (Inter rage quitted). Us in the south west corner constantly assaulted by an army of fast zombies asking for our brains for dinner. We managed to make an emergency scape along the weast border, reorganized at north and succesfuly  counterattack over their positions. Was a pleasure to play along those two.


Few people and few games. In this one they just committed suicide after what Stat got mad and went like a hungry beast after their remains. Fast one.

Then it came punishment. Ridges can be a very fun map and it can be a complete nightmare. Guess what was this time for us? We just couldn’t managed to break their positions and lost too many units we shouldn’t had lost. Pity.


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