It’s raining meds

Nice and intense Friday. Weird and confusing Saturday. No idea about Sunday :OP


I have to admit (if I hadn’t yet) I like 2vs3 They are challenging though this isn’t exactly the most convenient map for that… but they insisted. Great maneuvering, helps and timing by Subby at the east border. Not enough mines on the west one. We managed quite well half of the game though we got out of units and space to run.

We landing on the top left DZ. Them at the top right one. Fast and strange but very effective move by Carter taking the north canyon and pounding them from there while Subby and me dealt with their base on the south central hill. Very intense game with no time to stop and take a breath.

Darix, the mine sweeper. In less than 5 mins all his army was gone after finding a heavily dense mined field. From there on we just weren’t able to make a successful attack over a base with 2 crays to hold. In this cases there’s nothing butter than dying in a last suicidal charge against a ridiculously bigger enemy :OP

A very strange ridges. We landed on the top left coner. Them on the bottom right one so the hill was theirs. and uncommonly enough, so it remained until almost the end of the game. We rounded all 360º until we finally made a break through the north entrance. I loved this one.

Here the one that gives name to the post. Just from the very beginning we start to receive wave after wave of enemy units both through DZ6 as from the center of the map. It nearly worked but we had a cray and more units density. after the first attack we had the score and they had not enough left to make a proper assault on our position. It was a nice one to close the night.


Saturday was one of those days when everyone seems to play at a different pace from everyone. Nothing really worked fine on any team as if we had some type of despair curse on  us. And so the games where not very fluent at all. It happens sometimes.

Another weird one again with a whole army drawing circles all around the map but this time it was them instead. I got lucky and trapped some of joxer’s units quite soon in the game which forced them to have to attack … while inter was practising arty aim with our own units… weird night…

Well, see you in few minutes on the ground!


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