Back to 4vs4

With the come back of tragamillas and CM, last friday was the first time in some weeks we had a proper 4vs4. It was a really nice night and I enjoyed it more than usual.

A DM1 is always a good choice to welcome back someone who has been idle for a long time… it’s also good to remember him why Cray is not the best choice on desert :O)

When we came back to GR from game we found a full room of mad people asking for action and we had some. This map tend to be in some way a positional one. North vs South divided for that long hill range. Joxer mined west so I decided to flank east while the rest of the team managed to hold enemy frontal attacks. I lost two med squads but my scouts managed to get Darix APC and inf. Score was on our side… for not too long. We had to attack and we decided to go over Joxer mines with a slow but constant push taking hill by hill. CM army was crucial here.

One of the best games I’ve played recently.
(video of this game from Compuguy’s point of view)

Another very good one. They got us trapped in the south east DZ very soon in the game. All surrounded by mines and with the south central hill taken by two Crays we could only managed to flank south west  and pound their rear. It worked.
(video of this game from tragamillas’ point of view)

It should have been pretty balanced but subby’s strategy blew every balance option. 3 arties in an ams field on DZ6 had them too busy to deal with our flankings. They did they only thing they could. Retreat slowly hoping we would do some mistake that gave them some option of counter play but they had too few units left and got smashed against the south wall of DZ2.

Very confuse and intense game. with many flank attacks and surroundings. Most of the action took place on the flat round eastern hill with each team at one side trying to take it, tehn failing and falling back, then succeeding and switching sides. Nice battle to close the night.

Social duties took me from joining saturday or Sunday son I have no idea how things were those days. Anyway. See you on the ground in few minutes!


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