old sweet addiction

I planned to have a break last Friday and go to bed early and I did but I also missed it too much so I came back online in time to have a couple of good games though I only have the screen of this one: Was an intense one and it ended with me running all over the map as an scared bait to buy some time for last Subby’s units and APC to survive. It worked quite fine.


I’m not completely sure but I would swear it was Hellfire the one who crashed in the middle of this one. A pity because we had managed quite fine until then to hold both reaper and darix combined offensive and Sarvik’s flank. But after the crash we just couldn’t hold it.

Joxer took us to a really hilly place where we got punished (with a bit of help from my own arty) in a long and agonal game fought to the last crusader.

Mines! Mines everywhere!!! though in the other side of the map. That made us stay limited to the left border just being able to run up and down trying to avoid the nice ambushes they built for us. Was close but we managed to break through just in time.

Well… if at the end of the game your enemy has that army left you must had at some point done something wrong. clearly wrong. It seems we obviously did though I’m not sure exactly what.

Oh, this was nice. It’s true we got a bit obsessed with a radar we didn’t have to take down but our move changing sides completely to hit their rear was pretty effective. It’s also true Sarvik had not his best day but getting him to fall into a mine trap was for sure fun and gave us the game. Subby is good at end games but here he were alone against both of us and with score against. Damn I want more.

See you on the ground.

Your lazy reporter: [_nOx_]

2 responses to “old sweet addiction

  1. Sorry for crashing and leaving you guys to get screwed in that one game. You may be happy to know that I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed my computer issues.

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