what a fun bunch of cowards

A very active though late weekend. Most probably cause all players except Joxer, Compuguy and me were from some part of the new world (aka America)


Although I prefer a flat map to warm up a Dm7 is also welcomed for that purpose. They attacked fast but we had a cray to stop that insolence.

After that game we found an almost full room and the night could be considered officially opened. Carter must had suffered too much in the previous cause he was untreatable in this one.

Ghat came to speed things up, host and punish the brazilian lobby and me.

Night was about to end after a lot of games without last screens due to ragequits. It would be unfair to say we won this cause we didn’t. I lost it and then Carter slowly got back the score.


Late again we started the night with a difficult map. Nck was complaining he couldn’t follow Reaper fast enough, what’s normal considering the amazing pathfinding it has and the complexity of the terrain.

Ouch, they got us. Those two ams on DZ6 did the trick. Sometimes I forget DM7 could be called “Arty heaven” instead of “Fear”

It wasn’t a 3vs4. The name missing is Reaper, who enchained a series or consecutive ragequits during the night. A pity. We did a beautiful coordinated job at the start in this one and that last Inter’s nuke deserved to be posted.

Intense 2vs3 Mars with many fronts, alot of running and too much time with no specials left.


The game that gives title to this post. In my defence I have to say I didn’t realise the game was about to end but… yes we all deserved to lose.

We tried to break their fortress (finding it was difficult enough) but They manage to have too many units left at the end of the game. Something Subby seems to be able to do quite easily.

An all map DM1 fight with us holding north and they climbing from south. Good team balance. Small battles at the same time in many spots. Reaper trying to alternate sides to attack. Inter hammering the west border and Nck helping both sides. A really fun one.

More in few moment on the ground. See you guys!


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