Late games

Which means “people came unusually but constantly late last weekend” but it was a shit of a title. On the other hand we had Subby back on board (take care with him, he is not as rusty as he should be), Urs playing some few games again after a long time, 360 and Mhawk showing up for some fun and a funny, drunk and happy Carter what implies he played better than usual.


Urs getting used to old maps and stuff.

I think old DM7 is alongside DM1 a must when welcoming back vets.

You know when you realise your partner is no longer managing his units and he didn’t even warn you? Well, if Ghat and 360 know now if they didn’t yet.

Overflow is a tactic as good and effective as it can be rushing or camping and this time quite effective.

And he surely was going to. Pity we hadn’t a couple more of minutes here.


a welcome DM1 for Subby

Amazing game by Joxer and Ghat and great coordinated constant attacks. It was almost frustrating

Nice placed mines, Joxer. You owe me a brand new APC and some beams apart from an apology to my crusaders wives ò.Ô

They can’t say we didn’t push and attack on this one despite having the score. Damn Carter’s APC is as stubborn as him when it comes to explode ¬.¬

Messy start with friend firing specials included almost costed us the game. Moving our asses and attacking on the other side gave it to us. I’m kinda falling in love with this map… though I miss ridges.

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