second Dropships and an awesome comeback

A very inconsistent affluence weekend with just big games on Friday and 2vs3 / 2vs1 / ffa on Saturday and Sunday but with one of that games I know I’ll remember for a quite long time.

Friday started with a curious 3vs4 DM5 fought mostly in the open. BD running up and down the right border, Joxer with his by now usual 1 dropship at a time and me trying to get in time to help here and there. Even more fun that I was expecting :O)

“we shouldn’t have lost with those dropzones” said BD and he probably was right but we did lose. Too many fronts, too many units lost for nothing and them really well synchronised. Tough fight.

We managed to hold the score for half of the game, then Mind blew up my APC, Compuguy kinda committed suicide with his heavy tank line attack and all seemed lost. Both score and game.  Sarvik with 2 beam units, inf and APC, Me with another 2 beam units and some scattered meds against what should have been enough to wipe us out but their doubts played on our side. I couldn’t believe it. Amazing job, Sarv.

All for this week. See you in the ground in few moments!


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