crashes, fast quits and 2vs3 marathons

Yesterday I was too far away from home to came in time to join any match but here is the late report of past weekend.

Two rooms on Friday, few activity on Saturday (reported by Joxer as I wasn’t able to be online) and an exhaustingly really fun Sunday night. Let’s go with the screens.


Several crashes (mostly fault of Chumpit ipad farm) and some early disconnections let me with some weird final screens but we played enough games to compensate that.

We did try hard but Sarvik was untreatable and we didn’t manage to coordinate our play. It finished with us running in circles with a bunch of smoky units with any hope of doing much damage.

Great performance by Echo and Joxer at DZ3 defending South while Nemesys and me tried to hold DZ1 (which we lost in the end) Their final frontal rush was hard but not enough.

What could I say. I got mined. Ironic, isn’t it? Their attack was much more coordinated than our defence. The score says the rest.

Chumpit crashed here BD got my unattended APC and some beams after what I played the rest of the game with 1 med unit with no shields ridiculously chasing enemy units protected by Reaper’s beams. My soldiers are surely mad… or stupid… or both.


2vs3 against good players is hard and tiring but it seems both Sarvik and me were in a suicidal mood last Sunday and damn hell it was fun as fuck.

Two well placed radars allowed us to hold a defence of South-East and a bold Sarvik attack over the big crater gave us lead point for a considerable part of the game but I was too slow to cover his retreats there. Pity

I shouldn’t have brought arty to this one. We did a nice hold in this narrow passage and we lost ahead in the score but once overflowed we had not much space to retreat… too much time for a 2vs3. I must remember to set faster games in that case.

Reaper went away not sure what for and we decided to have our small revenge… but stAtrill decided to suicide instead. Quite a mess of a game.

A couple of mixed teams games before Reaper came back. Very intense fight at west of the map. It could have gone either way but we got luckier.

A close landing and another suicidal attack by stAtrill though this time it was a bit more successful. When Inter tried to go back and help Sarvik he was almost finished. Another very fast game.

Reaper got back bringing 2vs3 marathon with him. Don’t know about Sarvik but tiredness was growing in me as my scores shrank. Old europe night was playing against us.

Completely crushed and smashed against the west walls of the map. We were definitely exhausted.

By this time StAtrill was roaring with overconfidence and Reaper considered it time to give him a bit of the medicine we had been having all night. I have to admit that stepping on the three stat’s beams squads running away in a bunch from Sarvik and Inter’s mad attack and hunting them down was a bit of a guilty pleasure :0) It was 3 am in the morning,  the night was off and I was all panting and smiling at the same time.

Hope to see you all this night on the ground!


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