Recent Blog Changes

Recently the blog has been subject to some upgrades:

–          The introduction of two new sections with some epic in-action taken screenshots from both the Ground Control factions. The objective with this is no other than to have a different and specific view of the squads, their weapons, their designs and visual features… we are still thinking in a way to incorporate the galleries into the “GC Units” page, perhaps something more dynamic with the unit description along with galleries… we will certainly keep you posted if more changes occur. To see the screens simply mouse over, “Crayven Tankyard” or “ The Order’s Lounge” in the upper menu, once you do so you will see a list showing the names of each faction squads, then simply chose the one you wish to see. The screens were kindly taken and given to us by “nemesys”.

–          The Vets TV page, now named Vets TV on-demand, has also been subject to a minor revision, basically as the online streaming wasn’t active at all (livestream) we have rather opted to incorporate into the page some of the videos that we made into that page, some of them were already posted in the blog main page a long time ago and if you want to look for them it might be hard to find those, reason why we have put them there so you can easily browse thru them and watch if you wish to do so. More videos to be posted there, so check that page from time to time!.


–          The “New Players” page is also under revision obviously in consequence of the new Balance mod, the full update depends on the pace the mod is developed/tested, new versions of  the mod are being developed and tested as we speak. In addition you can visit the mod website for more information.

 As recent news regarding the BalanceMod we alert you for the release of a Mod Manager along with a new version of the mod(V011 if i’m not mistaken – click here) , this will certainly ease the installing and removal of the balance mod.More detailed instructions on how it works will be posted ASAP.

*UPDATE 20-08-12*

Mod manager use notes:

Hit ‘Search’ and it will find your installs via registry. Should it not find them (like if you copy+pasted GC), use the ‘Find’ button to grab it. Then on the active mods window, click ‘Search’. It looks for a zip file in the /GC directory with the string ‘[MOD]’ in it. It will show what it finds, and then you simply hit ‘Activate’ to activate it. To deactivate, hit ‘Deactivate’. Note you cannot have two active mods at one time, hitting deactivate will deactivate whatever mod is active.

Download links:

– Balance mod latest release [v.011]

– Mod manager latest release

*UPDATE 20-08-12*

 Also we are waiting more news on the other mod that is under development, the diference with this one is that Air units will be balanced in order to use them in multiplayer. forum thread about this mod visible here.

Thats all for now!

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