brief report

As I said, I was online just Friday Night. Pity. It was fun.

Second game of the night (I missed first one’s screen) was a typical run away to win by score but lost. Just 4 secs before the end they got last scout. To be honest, they deserved it.

A heavy frontal early attack just smashed us against the walls of north-east DZ. After that we just tried to make as much harm as possible but was obviously lost.

A bit of a quarrel at the beginning between Joxer and me as it’s being usual lately in this map and an intense fight for the central hill after that. Darix rockets were tough to break through.

This one was more a run and kill than the usual hit and run. I think was reaper who crashed leaving us 3vs4 in a very uncomfortable position.

“It’s raining Ghats!” ♪

Squads coming as if they were arty fire just from the very beginning. A great flanking rush.

See you in the ground!


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