The “Imbalanced” Community.

The time has arrived for me to form an opinion about this matter, to be quite honest i wasn’t expecting that this much controversy would arise from the community about the balance mod.
I believe that the reason to make this mod was based on an urge to fix some of Ground Control “handicaps” in order to make the game more “efficient”, I don’t think it was made to split the community in half or put someone aside, anyway, It was evident during past weeks the growing discontent about certain aspects of the game.

Personally I didn’t feel aside, I gave my opinions and said what I had to say when the mod was “being developed”, but also I have to say that I was surprised by it last week, I had no idea this was underway until one night I logged into gameranger and found that the mod was being tested, anyway at the time not everyone knew of it so I thought to be good to post something here on the blog to let people know, so the word would get to as many as possible and also the more that participated the best it would be.

Moving on, we certainly cannot criticize as much as we do Ground Control imbalance, the game was created, tested and developed with air units included, so all the units that we see as useless today in “Normal” GC are so partially because we don’t use AIR units, and with this I am not defending the use of air units, this fact is undeniable though. It is also undeniable that if we all agreed that no air should be used… perhaps some unit squads needed some refinement…

I must agree also with Joxer’s thought of the “ecosystem” posted recently in the forum. If we alter something, the whole game experience will in fact change, tactics will be different… basically it will take some time of adaptation into the new system…

I share some of the fear that this mod will somehow put us far away from the new comers in terms of the typical download, Install and play Ground Control method, this will also require adaptation, reason why we will move in towards the support of the whole community and not a specific side.

Whatever is the result, this blog is here to support the Ground Control community in whatever way the we decide to follow, my main goal here is to try to wake the passion I have for this game into other people… this is what we will keep doing regardless of the future…


Main scheduled activities for the blog involve:

1 – Dedicated section of the blog about the balance mod.
2 – Revision of the “New Players” page in order to update them about the inclusion of the mod, “Units” page as well.
3 – Ease the download & installation process of the mod .
4 – etc. (yes nemesys this “etc” also includes you).

That’s all for now,


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