modded weekend

It’s been a long week for GC community. After the release of the first versions of the new mod, a lot has been said about it in the new forum section, and, to be honest, with all that stuff in mind I hardly remember games clearly enough to say what happened when and who did what in each match. Too many things in this small head of mine so I’ll mostly just post the screens with not much comments. Sorry about that.

Friday.Landing top left and top right for each team in this map means the ones landed top left are probably quite fucked. Can you guess who landed where?

This was the first time I saw both the new spearhead special and a rolling line of combined Cray heavies-Jags literally sweeping on his advance.

Saturday.We were quite lucky on this map and they weren’t. I’m not very used to it but everything seemed to easily work from the very beginning.

A southern flank that didn’t work gave us the point lead we managed to keep. Having two Crays surely helped on that keeping.

New arty “non ballistic” mode is really funny curious and interesting.

I remember this one as trying to get to places and arriving late as when Reaper got trapped in the north west DZ and my units just arrived to kill some of the other team’s retreating units. He surely didn’t die without a wild fight up there.

I did play some games with reaper on Sunday and I think there should have been some games after but got kind of sick and had to leave. Pity. The night promised to be really fun.

Well. See you all tomorrow on the ground (which, btw, will be the only day for me this weekend so expect a quite brief report next week)


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