Ground Control – Fails & wins – new video!

Hello there!

Recently I’ve been watching some records that i made from older matches and i started noticing that there are a lot of fails in our online GC matches, either aiming special attack fails, weird game time bugs, units going arround in circles and most important the human fail factor, the most fun of all to see if i may give my opinion.
Having said that, one of these days i started recording online matches again using fraps… obviously some fails to make people having that typical rage quit but usually i tend to laugh hard.. anyway this, ladies and gentlemen, is the result…

PS – Youtube gave me trouble with music copyrights so we also hosted on vimeo, same hd quality!
PS 2 – Needs a fresh glass of wine to be watched properly

GROUND CONTROL 1 – FAILS & WINS from Ground Control on Vimeo.

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