GC rarities and full rooms

Last week someone was saying something about summer and the subsequent active players descent. I’m not going to say it will stay like this the rest of it but, as you can see by the amount of screens, it wasn’t at all what happened last weekend.


A curiosity to start… not playing. Somehow we found ourselves in a 3vs4 for my first Friday game and reaper decided to even teams leaving at the beginning of it just before I landed therefore the game assumed I was just dead. It was curious nobody noticed it until the middle of the game and even more curious considering I had said it :OP

This is a good 2vs2 map but it also works great, though crowded, in 4vs4. Oddities continued. I thought it were only my specials which seemed to be drunk but after watching Mind’s fail compilation It seems it wasn’t only me. I hope this was the match where Nemesys learned not to make those long lines of units. BTW. Welcome back, 360 :O)

That was a scout. I know it wasn’t necessary to use an inf special to shot it down but don’t you love to end a game firing an special? and even more if it’s from a crusaders squad. Pity it wasn’t an APC. That’s a double bonus with strawberry syrup all over it :OP

I have to mention and thank Inter and Joxer help to save my own APC from Mind’s meds. GC is marvellous when helps work this fine.

DM4’s North West DZ is a  mess generator. You land and the first thing you have in mind is “oh shit I have to get out of here NOW!”
Their attack got stopped by some mines and Inter’s rockets. 2 scout casualties by both sides. Centre got stuck and when that happens you usually start using side passages like north one in this case. When my scout left was eaten by Sarvik’s flank, a single “Sarvik north” was enough to make us all go there like a bunch of mad starving dogs

“We didn’t lose an inch. We went there as if there was no tomorrow” In Hellfire words

Joxer came also by north to help him but was too late. As the game went on we started to know bits of a small quarrel on the other side… weird. If previous Orion was the game were Nemesys learnt not to make lines, this was the game where he learnt not to bring 5 scout squads to a game. Sarvik’s face must have gone more red that his units’ color LOL.

I enjoyed this one. Not that I did specially any good but it was intense and hard. We started ahead in the score thanks to some bold mines and a suicide med squad. Then they recovered, took the lead and left us the challenge of conquering a very well defended south hill. Joxer played BD style. Alone in the south west corner while the three of us tried to alternate attacks from north and south west. Was hard, but we did it.

A fast DM1 to close the night. Joxer expected Nemesys to stay in the DZ or to form a base but luckily (and I have to thank him a lot to not argue when I told him to come with me) he did not. We flanked and took their rear by surprise. We got lucky.


Another day, another rarity. After BD’s west flank and our not spectacular but quite effective defence of the South East DZ they got surrounded in the north central hill without any scape route but with a bunch of deathly rockets, jags Cary heavies and crusaders against a lot of unit almost run out of shields and specs. I the saw Darix arty not firing and started asking him to fire but it didn’t. Why? because the damn thing got stuck. Everytime that has happened to me it was because somehow I managed to put it on hold fire or in defensive movement but many players there assured it can happen without it. Just simple and plain arty rebellion.

There were 2 games in this one. A 1vs1 between Joxer and stAtrill at North West and a 2vs2 among the rest of us. I can’t tell much about what happened between those two. BD and a early de-APC-ed Reaper took great care having us really busy.

And also too busy I was to pay attention to what later resulted to be a small argument.
By some kind of confusion teams got the wrong way. In theory Nemesys should have gone in the other team to have things balanced. We played anyway and it was at all what was supposed to be. Those three not only made a rocking stronghold in the central mountain but also dare to attack us and be more annoying than a plague of rats. When I took that screen my whole army was reduced to a single med unit with no shields or specs that survived thanks to joxer’s help. when I got it to our last alive APC and watched the chat lines I found out that they were arguing not sure about what but something related with the unbalance. Well. Don’t know exactly what it was guys, but I need to say you did damn well down there.

This was fun. It started as a 4vs4 but Chumpit (team 7) and Hellfire (team 8) crashed almost at the same time during a very strong attack over our DZ. Fear XL is not always amusing but when it is, it’s tons of fun.

I have no idea what happened in the first half of this game. Joxer and I had some quite funny personal battle in the very east side of the map with not much fire but made me roar with laugh. Couldn’t say who won our personal argument but seems our teams were dealing well enough without us :OP


It was a 2vs2 with Chumpit watching (while dinning). When someone watch a game usually it goes cray in another team, takes just a jag squad and blows himself up at the beginning of the match. There was a reason why this time it wasn’t like this but I didn’t get it. About the game… well. I have to say they should have won as they were the ones who fought more for the victory and us the ones who just efficiently repelled their attacks. But then, life isn’t fair, is it?

Reconstructed one with mines growing up like mushrooms all over the map. I dealt mostly with chumpit in one corner of the map and for sure he took it all for himself and I ran for cover and safety to the opposite corner my three team-mates were winning the game.

Oh I loved this one. A siege over the South fortress again from the round flat east minitower. Very tactical, very tense. I regretted not bringing an arty sometimes but the drone did a good job causing chaos until it got blown. BTW I think I got a bit bossy here, barking orders all the time to Darix and Paragon. If so, I’m sorry, I got too excited :OP

And here, ladies and gentlemen, was a masterpiece of amazing gameplay by Mind. We landed quite close and stormed their DZ. (more him than me as I got a bit messy) After that we pursued them till they setted up a new base in what would be the mid east DZ. There we coiled around shooting down unit after unit (more him than me again) until they decided, a bit too late, to march over our position. Their original DZ (central south) On fire Mind FTW! :O)

Well, ladies. More tomorrow on the ground!


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