a damn great GC weekend

GR was not specially crowded but games  came one after another without almost delay and with everyone asking for revenge all the time. I love revenges :O)


A good start. At least for Savik and me. It was a bit confusing and messy so I won’t comment further.We weren’t expecting those two to wait for us but they did. Probably an error considering Joxer and Atrill seemed to be in a bloodthirsty mood. All I had to do was to distract Sarvik a bit from North while they both dealt and slowly killed BD from South.

Carter came to even the teams but we were in fire. Their plan was good. hold our assault while BD went all around to hit the anvil like the hammer he is… but when he came there was no anvil to hit. I Love this map :O)

Colours. We get used to play against same colours and assume they belong to one player. That made me play BD in this match as if he were Carter all along. Luckily for us Sarvik and Joxer smashed ST and Carter’s west attack.

Joxer did here the almost only rage quit of the weekend after being engulfed by BD and Darix combined flank. While I stayed back to distract and make them believe we were going to make an stand in our DZ (south-west) what would have been a complete suicide.

I have to admit I got worried when I saw Sarvik, who landed along Compuguy a bit far from us both, sprang off like an arrow directly towards them. “You are alone!” was everything I was able to type before spreading out my own units. Then he almost hold back alone the other three players while Joxer and me slowly strangled BD horde’s flanking. After dealing with him, he quitted and Compu crashed but the game wasn’t won at all and we had to fought hard in the middle of the map to clear them out.

A wonderful cray stand by Inter at the north central mountain and a bit of indecision by their side gave us this classic “on the run” win :OP

This was a weird night closing A DM1 where Carter forgot to switch off reinforcements. “Fire, fire, FIRE!!!”


I wasn’t able to be on Saturday but Sunday was more active than I would have expected. For one reason or another I don’t usually play along Inter so we make a team night to compensate that. It worked quite well :O)

Even in this 2sv3 where Mind threaten me to find my home if we won this one. Pity we didn’t I would have put some wine in the fridge ^,.,^

It seems DM5 suits Inter perfectly and that north hill suits him even more. A cray rock hard as hell to take.

But Inter left, Ghat came and with him came the moment to lose. This one, from my point of view, was a true nightmare. Lost almost everything at the beginning and hoping it to end for long minutes. GJ, guys, you smashed us.

Pity Mind didn’t tape this one cause he would have one of those “shaming fails” for his compilation when the first thing I did was to lose our only radar. A full blind game where they hunted us from everywhere all the time. Couldn’t comment much more. I didn’t see a damn thing apart from drones and rockets coming from nowhere as rain.


Yep. Monday. GC seems to be active also along the week so those who want to shot some specs should check GR at usual hours or connect to the IRC channel and GCvets facebook page to get more players. This was a three in a row fixed teams games. Quite hard, to be honest. Nice north flank ST. That broke us in two and gave them the game.

Mines gave us this one. Mines and an slow fallback to the north west plain while they fiercely kept pushing on our front. Our only win of the night.

This is a nice map… but not exactly good for an open direct rush in a 2vs2. Poor Nemesys got eaten except for two infantry units very soon. Nice mines, St. You got me there :O)

And that’s all from your lousy reporter. Now I’m going directly to GR to shot some firewoks.

See you on the ground!!



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