Big numbers and APC harvesters

Quite some action this weekend on Krig7B surface to help me get back in a bit of shape.


A nice red sand and moonburst shower to start the night. A bold Sarvil tried to eat those two bastards himself alone (that’s another way to say I’m a fucking slow turtle) and got outnumbered and pawned really fast.
Joxer. You’ll pay for that (those, in fact) APC. I swear ò.ó

We should have won this only that… we didn’t so I’ll skip to the very end of the game when something amazing happened: We know how fearsome  Sarvik and Carter can be but scaring 2 half armies with just 1 inf unit (not squad) and 4 jags is, at least , to be praised.

Hail the APC harvester… aka Sarvik. Three APC’s at the beginning of the game contributed to that fat score of his and to our  defeat (despite the effords mine did with that last Ghat and Echo’s inf) The widows will blame you and your medals for that. Carter left just 1 min before the end of the game cause he probably wasn’t able to stand so much blood and violence :OP

I might have the score lead of my team but wasn’t me who won this. In fact I did some horrible battles at the beginning which make me want to run and hide my shame behind a rock.  Carter at East dealing almost alone, Joxer and BD at West dealing with Ghat and Sarvik did the trick. Good job guys.

A fast strike over Ghat and Carter armies at north. A splendid job by BD at the South passage dealing with Joxer and Darix trying to flank us. Sarvik holding the central passages along Compu and me would be a good summarize for this one, my first victory of the night :O)

We tried. We tried hard but that Cray castle was too much for our armies to take. I still love this crappy pathfinding map.

“Take care of the north passage… wait! no. They are coming by South. No wait again Oh! shit they are everywhere…” Yes. Just the same as a zombie apocalypse. Mines wasn’t enough to stop them and it seems we forgot to aim their heads when shooting.

XL to close the night (though Carter was not convinced at all about the map chosen, I have to say) They were brave attacking. We were effective defending. BTW, Carter, how many ams did you take with you? 3? 4? Damn hell, they seemed to grow or regenerate themselves.


This is obviously reconstructed but I hadn’t time to get most of that night screens (fast ass hosts to blame). Chumpit left in the middle of the game but I doubt he had more that 1 or two units left after being engulfed by BD and Sarvik flanking eastwards. After that… well. We did what we could which consisted mostly in bravely running away from here to there. :OP Nice Drone job, Mind. We miss you a bit, you lovely bastard.

“You have to win this. I suck tonight”
I told Joxer before start… and so he did. He swept the southern central hill and stopped them almost alone (I’m fucking slow lately) Great job man. One of your best weekends I have to admit.

And that’s all from your lousy (and a bit less lazy this week) reporter.

See you soon on the ground!


3 responses to “Big numbers and APC harvesters

  1. Nice.
    Although those 3 APCs weren’t immediately at beginning. At beginning we were in top left corner and you guise were right next to us, obviously attacking, which my extremely nice teammates faced head-on. In fact they did a lot of brave head-on defense in very cramped conditions throughout the game, while I used underhanded flanking through mined and empty midfield to steal all the glory. 😀

  2. The glory and our units ò.Ô
    It was around the first five minutes and with what, one med squad? Congratualtions! Three players were hating you at the same moment :0P
    Great to have the other side point of view!

  3. Actually I got only 2 APCs then. Just as many as meds going for kill had specials 🙂 I also saw third one (yours) but unfortunately had left other med squad more behind to distract reinforcements so couldn’t get it, which ultimately lead to my own unfortunate demise near end of game then I lost my own APC trying to finish the job D:< BDs APC I got later as he did his typical grand flanking with full horde at deep south, which my nice teammates again faced head on, while I cut off his way of retreat.

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