rage quitting (is da game)

I’m not going to pretend I got a clue of what was going during the games last weekend, I was too fuzzy, but that was the word of the night. Everyone running away in the middle of the game making things harder for the poor, (oh poor, poor him) lazy reporter. You heartless rats ò.ó

Anyway. Here are the few screens and fewer comments:

As I said. I haven’t got a clue of what happened here. Sarvik seemed to be in a magic open fortress where everything too near was cursed to explode. BD was moving north as if he were on holidays  wandering through the country… and that’s all I remember. Well, that and how all my stuff was blowing up in front of my nose :O/

I don’t know either why we lose this one. At my corner with BD everything seemed to go all right. Score wasn’t though. The end of the game was a total slaughter.

This one is edited and doesn’t include echo. I hadn’t time to catch a screen of her before she crashed (this time I think it was a crash) Everything was going fine until a bold attack by her took our north post out. from there on everything went downhill. I have to say we bravely fought this lose ò.Ô

I do remember , on the contrary, what happened here. Great game by stAtrill. I loved his timing and his coordinated helps. I understand why BD likes to play alongside him. Congratulations, man. Joxer told me a couple of weeks ago stAtrill should be the next one in having the vet rank and he’s probably right there.

And some suicide to close the night. Compu. If you didn’t exist I think we should have to invent you :O)

More this night on the ground!! ^,.,^


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