It was a long, long night…

In fact, they were both long nights with 14 and 10 players at Friday and Saturday respectively, which means 2 rooms and a couple of new coming back vets, URS and Phyberoptix, a new player, Darix, and the stellar appearance of our beloved Compuguy. Let’s start with the screens as they are a big lot (and therefore briefly commented).

DM1 has become the standard map to welcome new players for two reasons: It’s easy to get oriented and it has no air units. Welcome Darix. Meet Sarvik the desert monster.

DM4. The map with platforms, levels and corners we never explore. For a moment I thought we were going to get trapped in our Dz but it ended being more a garrison in a bottle with two holes. I wonder why I finish most of the games with just a scout and the APC…

I have to remember to not lower the time limit on this map. 12 squads are too many for just 27 mins. Looking at the scores you see why it’s a cray map.

(Thanks to Chumpit for this screen)
A big map flat enough to run, hilly enough to dig in. That last was what the other team did, and they did it really well. Poor Echo suddenly found herself ate by a starving Chumpit when trying to flank their position. Sorry madam. I didn’t come in time to help there :O/

AS1 with no reinf… that was weird. It must be the only map I can think of we usually play with reinf on. Great Sarvik’s suicide attack by south to the enemy base and solid defence by echo of ours gave us point lead and win.

At this moment the night was near to an end and both rooms mixed. This was intense to the very end. I’m not sure how we managed to not only stop their South flank but also revert a point score against.

Crappy path finding, a initial mess, a horrible Dz. and my lovely Xenofact. Someday BD has to explain us how he manage to move that swarm of almost dead units to do so much damage without losing much by friend fire. A big mystery.


I wasn’t expecting a very active Saturday after the crowded previous night but on the contrary it was a full room one. Here warming engines against Inter and Atrill with Darix dealing good with the “very fast” multiplayer game pace.

So bold, brave and sucide Inter as always. No matter if he goes Cray or ONDhe will attack alone if you don’t speed up enough to catch him and try to help. Nice slow fallback by the other team first followed by a squeezing pushing forward at the end. I hope we did good juice.

“Why to play mines in an open map?” That was the question Reaper did at the beginning of the game when I announced my two scouts squads. Well… I think he saw what for :O)

Half open, half close retorted mountains… I tried to deal with fast starting attacks while BD and Atrill dug in the northern tower from where they marched South over the remains of the enemy army at the end of the game. Nice flank, Sarvik. You were a real pain in the ass.

Sarvik crashed in this one before the end. After that, well, we sent BD to eat them. Nice and easy.

And here arrived the star of the night driving everyone nuts. Compuguy! Who was lucky enough to find PhyberOptix army along Hellfire’s arties in his path. That, and Sarvik’s great fight against BD gave us a very nice game fought all over the map and that, in a Killingfields is a lot.

After that. Chumpit lost his nerves and swept away all Compuguy’s army on a DM2 just after landing. And I Don’t mean a fast genius attack but friend fire.  I admit Compuguy can be enervating but see it as if he were a map option like “start with several points against” We just have to unbalance the rest of the team and play a difficult one as this one last was. I tried hard to give those two something to worry about after they smashed all Compu’s squads. they were, obviously, too much to win but I think they didn’t get bored :O)


Well. It’s not very usual to play on Sundays but we managed to play a nice positional DM7. A clasic one with a lot of arty fire and combined attacks and flanks to get the point lead. I was all the game convinced it was Mind the one with OND and Hellfire the other and not the other way around. In fact I played them as if they were the other and worked better than I would expect… Maybe I should reconsider how to play them both.

That’s all from Krig for this week. See you this night on its ground!
(BTW: I’ll be a bit late today but I’ll be for sure)


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